10 Tips for Parenting Long Distance

Some parents are miles away from their children, but you can still be a wonderful parent from long distance. It is always a good idea to keep communication going with your children. Here are ten tips for parenting long distance.

1. You can e-mail each other daily via the Internet. You can always keep in touch with each other each day so you two will look forward to each others emails each day. This is something that will help make a child smile and be happy during the entire day.

2. You can send free electronic cards to each other through the Internet. This is cheaper than sending a regular card through the regular mail. The Internet has a variety of free cards available on the Internet. These are great for birthdays along with other holidays or cards simply just because you are thinking about each other.

3. You can do see each other on web cameras via the Internet. You can see each other via web cam for free. It is like taking to each other in face to face so it is almost like you are right next to each other. This ia great way to talk to each other whenever you miss not seeing each other face to face.

4. You can send books to your children regarding subjects that they are interested in. If they are playing baseball or cheerleading then you can send them books regarding that subject. Almost all children enjoy books. It will also help encourage them to read on a regular basis.

5. You can help your children with their homework through the Internet. This is a great way to spend some quality time together while learning new information at the same time.

6. You can talk on the phone to each other daily with the all new cheap long distance services available. You can even get your children a prepaid cell phone with unlimited long distance on night and weekends.

7. You can play online games on the Internet with each other. Many places on the Internet have free games that you can play for hours. This is another way to spend quality time together without spending a large amount of money while you both have fun at the same time.

8. You can send little packages with candy and other treats in it to your children. They will love it when they recieve a package with a few of their favorite candy and perhaps a toy in it too.

9. You can send scrapbooks to each other with pictures of each other. This is a great way to make each feel better about when you miss each other sometimes.

10. You can each other pictures on a CD. This is another great way to keep pictues of each other forever. Another option is sending pictures to each other as a attachment through e-mail.

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