10 Cities that Get Maximum Snowfall

Snow, although exciting, can be a real pain when it occurs in excess. Excessive snow completely shuts down the daily-life activities and can also result in a lot of fatalities. There are many cities in the world, which receive snowfall through most part of the year and in this article, we have compiled a list of cities, which according to some estimates receive the maximum snowfall.


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    It is at the top of the list of 10 cities that get maximum snowfall with 595 inches of snowfall in a calendar year. Located in Japan, Sapporo is known all over the world for the Sapporo Snow Festival which is held every year.

    Image Courtesy: japantravelinfo.com

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    Valdez is at number 2 spot among the 10 highest snow receiving cities around the world with 326 inches of snowfall in a single year.

    Image Courtesy: sott.net

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    Quebec City

    Quebec City, the capital of Canadian Province Quebec gets four months of snowfall every year; from December until April. With 315.9 inches of snowfall in a year, it is ranked number 3 among the top 10 cities that get maximum snowfall.

    Image Courtesy: travelwithkids.about.com

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    Syracuse gets the highest snowfall in the U.S state of New York. The record snowfall in the city was about 128 inches of snow in one winter season.

    Image Courtesy: syracuse.com

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    Cleveland, Ohio

    Cleveland, a city of the U.S. state of Ohio, is yet another U.S. city amongst the top 10 cities with maximum snowfall. It receives approximately 68.3 inches of snowfall in one calendar year.

    Image Courtesy: clevescene.com

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    Denver, Colorado

    Denver, the capital city of the U.S. state of Colorado, receives 53.5 inches of snowfall in a year and is ranked number 6 among the top 10 cities that get maximum snowfall. Snowfall in Denver lasts from October until April every year.

    Image Courtesy: denverpost.com

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    Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, receives about 28.3 inches of snowfall every year. This puts Helsinki at number 7 spot in this list.

    Image Courtesy: ekosystem.org

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    27.86 inches of snowfall on average in a year, puts Moscow, the capital of Russia, at number 8 spot amongst top 10 cities which get maximum snowfall.

    Image Courtesy: nydailynews.com

  • 9

    San Carlos de Bariloche

    Surrounded by the famous Nahuel Huapi National Park, San Carlos de Bariloche is one of the best tourist resorts in the Southern Hemisphere and is ranked number 9 among the top 10 cities that get maximum snowfall with about 12 inches of snowfall.

    Image Courtesy: panoramio.com

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    Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland. It receives about 5 inches of snow every year.  In Reykjavik, snowfall generally starts in November and comes to an end in March every year.

    Image Courtesy: nowpublic.com

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