11 Things You Probably don’t know About Human Languages

You can simply not imagine your life without a language. A man is a social animal and in order to socialize, he needs to talk. In order to make sense, he will need a language. There are tones of languages which are spoken across the globe. Some of them are quite similar as well.

We have managed to gather these amazing facts about the languages you speak and the ones which are spoken across the globe. Scroll down and check them out! We are quite sure that you will be quite shocked.

Pope Tweets in 9 Languages

The Pope has managed to become a regular Tweeter. It was recently reported that he tweets in 9 different languages whenever he does.

More language stats are listed below….


  • 1

    One Language Dies Every 14 Days

    At an average, at least one language is dying after every 14 days. This means that the languages are becoming even more endangered day by day. Currently there is a language spoken in Brazil which only 2 people know and they don’t want to talk to each other.

    dead language
  • 2

    2200 Languages in Asia

    Out of the 7000 languages which are spoken around the world, 2200 of those are spoken only in the biggest continent, Asia. This means that each country, at an average, speaks 44 languages; considering there are 50 countries in Asia.

    asia language
  • 3

    2400 Languages are endangered

    Out of the 7000 languages, 2400 languages are currently endangered and might probably become extinct.

    endangered langnuage
  • 4

    231 Languages Are Extinct

    So far there have been 231 languages in this world which are now extinct. No one knows about them anymore and no one speaks them either.

    extinct languages
  • 5

    7000 Languages in the World

    Despite the fact that a few languages die on a daily basis, the world lives with almost 7000 languages.


    world languages
  • 6

    1/4th of the World’s Population Knows Little English

    English is such a common language that 1/4th of the world’s population can at least say a few words of it.

    english known langauges
  • 7

    24 Working Languages of EU

    While we thought European Union communicated in English, there are actually 24 working languages which they use.

    EU language
  • 8

    6 UN Languages

    Similar to the languages of EU, UN also has 6 working languages.

    UN language
  • 9

    South Africa has 11 Official Languages

    The country which has the highest amount of languages spoken is South Africa as it has 11 Official Languages. There are other languages in the country but they have not been official yet.

    south african languages
  • 10

    US has No Official Language

    US is such a huge community that it does not have a single official language. Everyone speaks whatever he/she wishes.

    US language
  • 11

    There are 12 imaginary languages in Lord of The Rings

    The movie Lord of the Rings had 12 imaginary languages which have been spoken throughout the course of the film.

    lord of the rings

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