3 Fashion and Beauty Tips for Those of Us Who Need to Work with What We Have

This article offers real answers to three common fashion and beauty questions that plague women everyday: foot blisters, jewelry irritation and owning makeup that doesn’t look good on you. Do you have a favorite pair of high heels that make your legs look oh-so-slim but after wearing them one night, your sexy strut turns into more of a Quasimodo limp? Is the day after wearing your favorite ring making you wish that satin gloves could be worn with any style? Is the wasted money causing you to hold on to all those cosmetic products that are such a beautiful color, just not when they’re on you? Read on for simple solutions that put an end to these all-too-common fashion and beauty dilemmas.

What can I do if my favorite footwear blisters my feet?

We all have shoes and boots that we love but that just don’t fit correctly. It is best for the health of our feet to buy footwear that fits. But, I too, am guilty of purchasing a few pairs of shoes and boots because the price was so right and they were so perfect. So I offer this simple tip for that footwear you just can’t get rid of (no matter how many blisters you get): Keep a variety pack of thicker bandaids around and choose the sizes you need for the area of your feet that take the most punishment when you wear that certain pair of shoes or boots that don’t fit correctly. Put them on before you develop a sore. The cushioning will help protect the area somewhat plus “fill it out” a little bit so you feet won’t slide around as easily. You may still get blisters but they won’t be as big.

What can I do if the jewelry I wear irritates my skin?

If one of your favorite pieces of costume and/or cheap jewelry turns your skin green or gives you a rash, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to toss it. Take some clear nail polish and coat the underside of it. This puts a protective layer between your skin and the irritating metal. This works on rings, necklaces and bracelets. You can even coat earring posts and hooks in the same way. This isn’t a permanent fix; the polish will eventually wear off, so you should re-coat every few months to prevent future outbreaks

What can I do with the makeup I have that doesn’t look good on me?

The one thing I hate about shopping for makeup is when I pick out a beautiful color of lipstick or other cosmetic product and it looks like a completely different shade when I try it on at home. We can’t all purchase our makeup items at a store that offers samples to try it on first. Almost all of us have cosmetics lying around that are not being used so I offer this tip: Throw a makeup trading event! Have everyone bring their lipsticks, eyeliners etc. and have an old fashioned slumber party where everyone can give makeovers, chat and expand their beauty supply with products that they will actually use. Make sure to have alcohol wipes and individual disposal sponges and applicators to prevent the spread of bacteria. Just remember that items such as mascara, where there is no way of sterilization, should only be used by one person: eye infections are definitely not beautiful. Have Fun!

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