30 Days on FOX! Super Size Me!

Morgan Spurlock is doing it again! You may remember Spurlock as the guy who subjected himself to a 30 day strict Mc Donald’s diet and documented the direct health effects. Before the debut of “Supersize Me”, Mc Donalds opted to discontinue the super size option on the menu and has since been offering healthier choices.

Spurlock is using the same concept but with a different spin, what else could he show Americans in 30 days? Apparently enough to make a new series on FX. “30 Days” June 15th debut focused on just how hard it is to make ends meet earning a minimum wage salary using the city of Columbus Ohio for the project.

Spurlock actually landed a job making $7 an hour with the help of a temporary employment agency, while fiance Alex got a job making minimum wage at a coffee house. Two very unexpected events occured with Spurlock injuring his wrist and Alex ill with a urinary tract infection. The couple was forced to seek treatment at emergency rooms, due to the lack of health coverage. The couple showed viewers the hospital bills and examplified why people who make minimum wage can’t afford health care.

At the end of the show, the couple was indeed in debt and couldn’t make it on minimum wage. A local store managed by, Pastor Steve, donated furniture items to the couple in this episode as well. Pastor Steve said , “some people need a hand up, not a hand out”.The inspired couple didn’t return the furniture, instead payed a years rent on the furnished apartment and with the help of Pastor Steve gave the apartment to a couple in need.

30 Days is an interesting look at a variety of situations that are sure to please viewers looking for something new. The next show titled “Muslims and America” will focus on what it’s like to live in America as a Muslim. The show airs wednesday nights at 10p.m. on FX.

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