4 of the Best Choices for Your Wine Glass Collection

Every home needs a good set of wine glasses. If you’re looking for a set of wine glasses to make your entertaining really special, then take a good look at these four excellent options. Every sip you take from these special glasses will make wine or any other drink just a little more enjoyable.

Warm Tone Wine Glasses – Stemless – Set of 4 from Target – the lowest priced at $10

The Warm Tone Stemless Set of 4 Wine Glasses from Target is one of the lowest priced wine glass sets you can buy — but, don’t let the deter you — it is still a terrific option. The glasses hold about 15 ounces in a fun and contemporary design without stems. They come in assorted acrylic colors and the price is right for the whole set at only $10.

Crate and Barrel Ling Tall Stem Wine Glass – medium priced at $6

The Crate and Barrel Ling Tall Stem Wine Glass series is one of the most classically styled and medium priced wine options you can purchase and might be just what you are looking for. They’re it’s offered in both a 22 ounce and 24 ounce capacity. The simple, clear glass color and modest price point make them very attractive and they will only cost you about $6 per stem.

Crate and Barrel Oregon 20 oz. Wine Glass – moderately priced at $7

Another moderately priced selection for wine glasses would be the Oregon 20 ounce Wine Glass for $7 each. These tall stem wine glasses have a unique flared top design. They are another solid option for you to explore to build a quality wine glass collection with an open stock offering by Crate and Barrel.

Sasaki Mikasa Arctic Lights Modern Wine Glass – the highest priced at $16

The Sasaki Mikasa Arctic Lights Modern Wine Glass is one of the higher priced wine glasses found on the Web; but, if you can afford the price tag, they are well worth the investment. These demure wine glasses hold a modest 6 ounces of liquid. But, their clear cut crystal design will wow your sets as you set the perfect dinner table. The hefty price tag will run you $16 per stem to start your collection.

Setting the table for friends and family with a special set of wine glasses will make your guests feel special. Or even if it’s just a romantic night at home for two — the right set of glasses make it all the more romantic to share. You can create your own collection of wine glasses in prices ranging from $10 per set — all the way up to $16 stem with these terrific options.

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