6 Essential Alzheimer’s Caregiver-Aid Products

If you have been caring for an Alzheimer’s patient, or are just starting, it’s a sure fact that you will need some aids to help you along the way, as the disease progresses. As much as it’s tempting to have great enthusiasm for the new products on the market, it is truly wished that these products did not have to be used, and that a cure for the disease of Alzheimer’s has been found. Sadly, that’s not the fact, but there’s always hope through research for the future generations, so they might not experience the disease. As a caregiver, you will want some of these new products because it will not only help you, but will make your loved ones life safer for them, and easier to enjoy.

Even if you have help, such as friends and other family members, or even hospice at the end stages of the disease, you will still need some aids for care of your loved one with Alzheimer’s. I truly wish that I had more of these products when my father was ill, or at least that I had known about more of them. Some of them are new though, and it’s good that they are available for your loved one and you.

Alzheimer’s Product Aids

âÂ?¢ Bath aids. Bath aids are great for the Alzheimer’s patients that are no-rinse because often they’re afraid of lots of water, and the sounds from the water faucets. You can buy them in shampoo, conditioners, soaps, and perineal care wash products. My father liked to have his hair washed, but after a period of time he became frustrated with the whole wash and rinse routine, of hair and body. We switched to these, and he was contented.

âÂ?¢ Dishware aids. Feeding an Alzheimer’s patient can be difficult as the disease progresses because they their ability to not only tell you what they want, but the ability to feed themselves. Hand and eye coordination becomes limited, and once this happened with my father, I found it good to use cups with lids, and plates that were divided and would suction to the table. There are new products for eating utensils such as spoons and forks that won’t flip over and are larger in size. Your loved one can maintain more independence for a longer time by using these forks and spoons. Later you might find it useful, when swallowing becomes difficult to use a feeder that they can sip their meals through.

My father had some of the common aids such as a collapsible cane, and seat cushions for the car, and at home. His doctor told us about the dry heat and moist heat heating pads for when he became uncomfortable with his arthritis. Five years ago, there weren’t the other neat handy products for easy on and off clothing and I had to improvise a lot. For instance, I found that by taking a key off a key ring, and working it through a hole in the zipper of my father’s pants and windbreakers, it made it easy to help dress him. Today you can buy those to help you as a care giver for your loved one.

Here are a few products that you can purchase for your loved one, so they can remain independent for as long as possible.

âÂ?¢ Sock aid. If your Alzheimer’s loved one still wants to dress by their selves, and socks are a problem because of other physical limitations, this device will enable them to just put the sock over the tube, and by pulling a long hand it will slip the sock right on.
� Button Tab Replacements. You can buy these in packets, or you can purchase the Velcro in sheets, and cut to fit shirts with buttons. My father loved his shirts when I replaced them with the Velcro tabs. It is also good for anyone that has any other physical problems such as my father did; he had lost part of his hand in a mining accident.
� No-Tie Shoelaces. This product is new on the market and if your loved one wants to keep shoelaces for tennis or dress shoes, but does not have the coordination to tie, these are great. All they have to do is just slip their shoes on and go.

One of the newest products that I have found for purchase is the privacy clothing. Being an only child and daughter, my father was very modest around me, and that made it extremely difficult to care for him, especially at bath time. I improvised with swimming trunks for the shower, but it was tedious. A new clothing line called Honor Guard will let you, or your Alzheimer’s loved one, bath without ever exposing their private areas. Go online to http://www.personalcarewear.com

You can write them at:
Personal Care Wear
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Also, look online at www.store.yahoo.com for some other handy products to care for your loved Alzheimer’s patient, and learn more about Alzheimer’s at http://www.alz.org

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