7 Tips For Spotting Fake Jewelry

Jewelry items have a way of beautifying people that wear them. Whether it’s a dinner outing, prom night, or a cocktail party, jewelry just has a way of helping people maintain a complete sense of dressing by giving their outfits a better touch of style and taste. However, jewelry items have been widely observed to be among the most counterfeited products being produced in massive quantities across the globe.

Almost every jewelry fan has been lured into buying fake jewelry items at some point in their lives. It’s usually only a matter of time before they realize they’ve been wearing a fake necklace, bangles or earrings all along. If such has been your experience before, there are few key things to have in mind that can help you avoid making such mistakes again. Read on to find out 7 tips for spotting fake jewelry items:


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    Selling price

    Real jewelry products are widely known to be expensive, depending on the type you want. If per-chance, someone wants to sell to you a jewelry item at a very cheap price; there is a very high probability it’s not the real deal.

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    This is one important step to note before buying that jewelry item: check it for a stamp or hallmark. Every original jewelry material should have a stamp imprinted on them. Is it 9 carat Gold, 14 Carat Gold, 22 Carat Gold, 950 Platinum or 950 Silver? It should be stated on the jewelry otherwise it’s not genuine.

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    Return policy

    A return policy is one of the most surefire ways to help you guarantee your jewelry is the real deal. Make sure the item has at-least a 14 day return policy attached to it, otherwise don’t buy it.

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    Possibly, you are looking to buy a bracelet, inspect the links and make sure they perfectly soldered together and smooth too. Fake ones are usually carelessly pinched together. So beware!

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    Top brand hallmarks

    Brand hallmarks says a lot about the authenticity of every genuine jewelry out there. For instance, top genuine brands like Tiffany, will stamp each of their items with the Tiffany & Co hallmark. ( e.g. Tiffany and co. 925 or T and Co. 925) Be sure to look out for similar stamps when buying your jewelry items.

  • 6

    The magnetic test

    If you've bought some gold jewelry, you can always find out if its real or fake by testing it's magnetic capabilities. Gold is not magnetic, and so if your gold happens to stick to a magnet, then it’s fake.

  • 7

    Paper work

    Carefully examine the paper works that comes with your jewelry. Are they of good quality? Are the writings sharp enough? If they aren't, don’t waste your money.

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    If you’ve tried every one of these tips but are still in doubt, why not visit a reputable jeweler to help clarify your doubts?

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