A Guide to Web Sites for Work at Home Moms

What mommy doesn’t want to be home to do that little dance to chase the tears away and to share in the everyday little triumphs our little ones accomplish?

Wouldn’t we all like to be there when the school bus runs with a big plate of cookies and a hug?

Today’s moms however are strong independent women with a desire and need to help bring home the cold cuts as well as slap them on the bread.

More women every year are searching out ways to do both. In this age of technology we are able to utilize the internet for just about anything and this is no exception.

There are many websites dedicated to helping moms find and be successful at telecommuting positions.

www.mommyportal.com is a site that lists many work at home sites. It gives a description of each and what you’ll find there.
www.Clubmom.com is a website for the every-mom. From recipes to carpooling this website covers many issues of motherhood. Free to join, it offers many benefits and prizes.Shopping with a registered credit card will net you points to redeem for gifts of various kinds.

The message board forums offer a complete list of telecommuting positions and discusses the many aspects of working at home and balancing a family.

There is a full resource center encompassing work at home tactics and home business ideas. The experts are fully accessible and answer questions timely and with obvious experience.

www.hbwm.com is a professional association and online community of parents who work at home and those who would like to. At Home Based Working Moms you can find support, networking, free advertising options, information, a monthly (print) newsletter, email discussion list, searchable member directory, member spotlights and corporate discounts on various products and services. This site also has its own home employment page listing jobs in administration, freelance, professional, sales and home businesses.

www.bizymoms.com is dedicated to helping moms choose a business to start from home. More than 100 business ideas are listed with extensive information on everything from the business plan and funding to customer care and advertising. They have a full staff of experts on hand to answer questions. They conduct daily chats on various home businesses and sponsor teleconferences to provide information and support. There are message board forums on every conceivable home business and a complete line of eclasses and business start up kits.

www.moneymakingmommy.com is a site that dedicates itself to the job search. Listing hundred of articles on how to land a perfect job, where to find them and how to keep them it is a great asset to any mom trying to become a telecommuter. Not only do they list actual telecommuter jobs and contacts but provide articles on family issues and help with mom to mom problems. There is extensive information on essential furnishings for a useful home office and crafting a useable telecommuters resume.

Finding a work at home job can be difficult. It is time consuming and must be conducted with great care. There are a number of scams or fraudulent opportunities that will ask for a set up fee or investment in order to proceed. A good idea is to check with the Better Business bureau before you invest anything.

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