A Mexican Thanksgiving?

I know what you are thinking. Thanksgiving is over so why is Bower writing a Thanksgiving column? “What a dingdong!”

The reason is your humble Dingdong columnist will share in a Mexican Thanksgiving, which we will celebrate on the 27th of November (a Sunday) instead of the third Thursday of November as is traditional. It isn’t as though November’s third Thursday is the only day of the year in which one can have an official day of thanks. Any day will do.

Now, before you run for the nearest search engine to find out when Mexico started celebrating Thanksgiving, let me explain. Mexico does NOT have an American-style Thanksgiving celebrating when the Pilgrims thanked the Indigenous people for not attacking them for the Imperialistic takeover of their land .

But, don’t get me wrong. Mexicans are indeed a thankful lot.

In fact, I have never been around a culture where the word “thank you” is used as much. Bus passengers will even make it a point to thank their drivers when they leave the bus. Some thank the drivers for not killing them with their reckless driving. I am not making this up. I have actually heard this on several occasions. Getting to your destination alive on a Mexican bus really is something for which to be thankful. Believe me!

I keep telling my sister that Mexico, as well as the rest of the planet, could afford one day of the year where they count God’s undeserved blessings upon them! Wouldn’t that be something? A planetary day of thanks for His undeserved blessings. (Don’t hold your breath.)

The wife and I have some expat friends, Bob and Eliza, who live in El Campo (the countryside) outside the city. They are throwing a Thanksgiving Hoedown for a mess of Mexicans who live close to them out in the sticks. These wonderful country folks expressed an interest in America’s Thanksgiving tradition, so Bob and Eliza, with our help, are going to show them how it is done.

And Eliza is no slouch when it comes to culinary feats. Several times, we have had the opportunity to sample what this woman can produce from her kitchen. We never pass up an invitation when it is offered.

Instead of this scenario:

Eliza: “Oh Doug, since it is so close to supper why don’t you and Cindi stay for a bite to eat?”

Doug and Cindi: “Oh no, no. We don’t want to be a bother.”

This is what really happens:

Eliza: “Oh Doug, since it is so close to supper why don’t you and Cindi stay for a bite to eat?”

Doug and Cindi: “You betcha, sweet potato pie Elizabeth! You don’t have to ask us twice. What’s for supper?” we screech as we are breaking our necks to get to the table first.

Bob is planning to smoke a turkey. They brought all manner of traditional items back with them on their last trip to the States. Will Mexicans like what we Americans love for our Thanksgiving meals: mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce (something which I can barely abide), sweet potatoes, and, of course, pumpkin pie?

Will they be scanning the table for some Enchilada Mineras, Milenesa de Pollo, Chile Rellenos, or�

“Could you pass the tortilla soup, please?”

“Is that Achiote Paste I see, yummm…?

I can imagine a Mexican Thanksgiving spread looking a little like this: OAXACA-Style Mole, Chicken with Caper Sauce, Lamb with Guajillo Chile Sauce, Mayan Salsa Habanera, or Mexican Yellow Rice With Vegetables.

Just what Eliza and Bob have up their little expat sleeves I will report in my next column. Knowing Mexicans as I do, the food won’t matter as much as the time spent together in sweet fellowship-MEXICAN STYLE!

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