A Parent’s Guide to Helping Your Child Plan a Slumber Party

Having a slumber party is a big event for your child. If this is your child’s first time hosting a slumber party, you need to adequately prepare and make sure that your child is ready to have their party. Although a slumber party may not seem like a huge event for you, it may help define your child’s social skills and allow friendships to build.

The average age for children to have their first sleepover is constantly changing; however, the common age is typically around six years old. Before you okay your child to have a party, you should make sure your child does not have a problem going to bed. If you child has a bedwetting problem or just has a hard time getting to sleep, a slumber party may not be a good idea at the current time. You should also make sure your child is able to get along well with others and follow directions. If this is your child’s first slumber party, you may wish to only invite a couple of friends. If your child does well with a small number of people, let them know that they can have a larger party next time.

Although slumber parties are fun, many parents are concerned with the safety of their children. If you are hosting the slumber party, do not be offended by a large number of questions from parents. Keep in mind how concerned you would be if your child was spending the night at a possibly unfamiliar home. It is important that you obtain all contact information and all emergency numbers. As soon as all of the children arrive, it is also important that you politely inform them of any house rules that you have.

Now that all of the safety concerns are taken care of, a slumber party should have plenty of good food, games, and activities. For a quick and fairly cheap dinner, you may wish to consider getting a pizza or two. Leftover pizza will also be a great late night snack. Crackers, chips, dip, vegetable sticks, ice cream, and chocolate are all great snack ideas. Be sure to have enough breakfast food available in the morning for when the guests wake up.

If you are planning on allowing your child and their friends to watch a movie, it is advised that you properly look over the movie first. Make sure it is suitable for all ages present. Many children love to do makeovers during slumber parties. You should have makeup, fashion magazines, and other health and beauty items on hand. If your child and their friends wish to do this “makeover session” you should give them a camera to take lots of pictures. A few other activities could include craft projects and playing trivia or board games.

Sleepovers generally occur on a Saturday or Sunday. Many parents prefer Friday nights to Saturday nights. If you have the party on Friday it will allow everyone more time to recuperate before the week starts. If you have more than one child, you may want to allow the other child to invite one friend over or allow them to stay at a friends house for the night.

After you have officially decide to have a slumber party, you will want to make a guest list with your child. After your guest list has been made, you could make homemade invitations. You can also purchase store bought invitations; however, homemade ones allow you to spend time with you child and guests love to receive personalized invitations. Next you will want to decide where the sleepover will be centered out of. Locations could include the living room, den, basement, bedroom or outside. Camping out in a tent has become popular among many kids. If you are planning on an outdoor adventure, you may wish to have a backup location in case of bad weather.

Having a slumber party is a fun, exciting, and memorable experience that no one will forget. Allow your child to decorate the room or area that you plan on using for the party. Be sure take lots of pictures or give your child a camera to take pictures. Ten years from now, those memories will get laughs from the friends who shared them.

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