A Trip to Puerta Vallarta

It was supposed to the greatest stop on our vacation � Puerta Vallarta. We had been told that it was beautiful and just all around a wonderful place to visit. Well, we quickly found out that times have definitely changed.

I agree with the views being beautiful and absolutely breath taking but as far as the people� I have to say it was a horrible experience.

In our first half hour in Puerta Vallarta we got hounded by Mexicans selling drugs, and trust me they were very pushy about it. And just a note to those that will be going there for their next vacation, ignore them! Do not even acknowledge them! It may seem harsh but if you don’t then they will follow you and keep houndingâÂ?¦ eventually they will just scream obscenities (as if you had no idea what they were saying) , until you are out of range.

Aaahhhh yes, and then there are the crazy cab drivers who sometimes purposely act as if they are going to run over pedestrians who also act as though they lived in New York for a time. Constantly yelling and cussing at other drivers and making highly sexual remarks to young girls that should’ve been in school.

But, perhaps the most negative situations I got the pleasure of experiencing and hearing from others was the time shares that you get roped into when talking to the few individuals who can speak English. By promising you a relaxing afternoon at a great resort, the locals trap you into thinking that it is sincerely a wonderful place to spend your time and money only to be informed that they “need” you bank card to verify that you are who you say you areâÂ?¦. Then of course they begin to run it while stating that you should “invest” in the resort. Boy, what a pain! Thankfully my husband and I were one of the lucky ones and they soon discovered that we were not merely going to ‘allow’ this behavior and we got out of the situation. Others, I am told were not as lucky.

The truck loads of militant looking Mexicans carrying automatic weapons was also quite ‘fun’. NOT.

I definitely suggest that if you are to land yourself this dream (or nightmare) vacation you stick to swimming and boating in the ocean and the most populated of attractions and do not go sightseeing by yourself find another couple or family (American tourists) to accompany you through this area.

Although it is quite beautiful where the views are concerned it is also a dangerous place to explore.

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