A Visitor’s Guide to Midtown Manhattan

From about Penn Station to 59th Street, just at the beginning of Central Park, and from river to river, Midtown Manhattan is packed with every thing imaginable from the Theater District, to the United Nations and everything in between. Midtown is the section of Manhattan where most business offices are located, except for the financial district where the banking institutions are.

The first place you have to visit before you begin your tour is
New York City’s Official
Visitor Information Center

810 Seventh Avenue,
between 52nd & 53rd Streets
Here you can pick up brochures on almost any thing or place in the city, arrange for tours and get discount tickets and coupons to various events.

United Nations Headquarters.
You can take a guided tour the United Nations on most days. I have done it and it is well worth the time. The guides give you such a detailed tour of the exhibits that even the children were attentive. Children under 5 are not allowed on the tours, but school aged children will get quite an education. We were also able to go and sit in the Security Council chamber(they were not in session) and the General Assembly They were in session and we got to hear a speech by the Representative from China So yes it was very interesting.

Grand Central Station
One of the most impressive buildings in Mid Town Manhattan Is Grand Central Station, It has been completely refurbished, and returned it its original beauty. It is hard to believe that in the late 1960’s it was slated for the wrecking ball, but thanks to the efforts of people like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, it was declared a land make and saved for future generations to enjoy. They have 2 scheduled tours a week, but you can arrange a private one or just take the time to stroll though the corridors and shop the stores.

Rockefeller Center
Everyone knows Rockefeller Center from the Christmas Tree Lighting, but it is an experience any time of the year.
Get there early enough in the day and you can see The Today show being televised, You might even get yourself on television. You can go on a guided tour of the complex or NBC Studios or both. Go to the lower concourse and get your lunch for one of the many food court stores and sit and watch the ice skaters on the rink. Or get adventurous and try it yourself Shop the stores or just sit and take in the view.

Radio City Music Hall
The Music Hall is across 5th Avenue from the main part of Rockefeller Center, but it is run by the Rockefeller Center Corporation and is considered a part of it. There are great shows and events going on all year, but if you are in Mid Town New York from early November to Christmas, make sure to see the Christmas show. And get tickets early this is one production that sells out very fast. You can also take a guided tour of The Hall.

St. Patrick’ Cathedral
St. Pat’s is one of the most famous churches in the world and an experience not to be missed. The stained glass windows belong in a museum.

FAO Schwarz
Go just a bit south on 5th Avenue and enter the most wonderful toy store imaginable. I remember being there and seeing a $6,000 rocking horse, marbles that were too beautiful to play with and an entered room full of just dolls. It is the place to get a one of a kind gift.

The New York Public Library. Mid Town Main Branch
This is the library the one with the lions. I remember going here as a young child, having only seen our local library and being blown away with the sheer volume of books. There is no way to describe the feeling when you first walk in. They have many events going on all year long. There is sure to be something happening when you are there

Bryant Park
Right behind the library is one of the park of Mid Town . They have free movies and concerts all summer long. There is a gorgeous carousel and even a reading room. Not to mention a great caf�©.

Madame Tussaud’sof Mid Town
Have you ever want to see Madame Tussaud’s in London? Well now you don’t have to make the trip Just stop in at the one in Mid Town Manhattan on 42nd Street.

The Museum of Modern Art
The museum has just been renovated and it is bigger and better than ever. This is a one day trip in itself. From the permanent collection to the ever-changing temporary exhibits, there is something for everyone. And don’t miss their wonderful gift shop.

The Museum of Television and Radio
Everything and then-some about the history of radio and TV. You can go on a guided tour and they have many great special events going on all the time. For instance they have a special exhibit on Gumby. You remember him, The little green clay boy with the horse named Pokey. And they just finished one on the original Battlestar Galactica series.

Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum.
While we are looking at museums, there is one that simply cannot be ignored. It is one of the most inspiring places not only in Mid Town, New York, but in the whole country, The Intrepid is a retired air craft carrier. It is permanently berthed in the Hudson River at Pier 86. Unfortunately, it will be closed for about 18 months starting in Oct. 2006. It is going to be completely overhauled. If you have a chance to get there before the shut down, do it. If not, put it on your list for a future visit. You will be glad you did.

The Museum of Art and Design
Ok One more museum, but certainly a different and unique one. The Museum of Art and Design (MAD for short) has displays on everything from lounge chairs of the 1950’s to modern jewelry to hand-crafted wood art. If you want to see the different and unusual, make this one the one to visit.

Hang on Just a little bit more to go.

Carnegie Hall
If it is music you are after, there is no more famous place than Carnegie Hall. This seasons opening performance is by the Cleveland Orchestra and that is only the beginning. You can also catch the Philadelphia Orchestra, The New York Pops and many solo artists. The season starts in Oct.

And don’t forget the Theater District is here also with all the Broadway and Off Broadway shows anyone could wish for. Be sure to check in at the visitor’s center for information on discount tickets.

So there you have it Just a brief look at the major points of interest in Mid Town Manhattan. Just imagine all the interesting places you can find as you explore the side streets Happy walking.

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