Ab Machines – Do They Really Help

You see the ab fitness infomercials on TV all the time. You know, the ones with the guys and the gals with their 6-pack abs telling you how you too can look the same way in only 8 minutes a day. And you sit there thinking how great it would be to look like that. Our abs are probably the number one part of our body that gives us the most difficulty when we look in the mirror. We all want to look fit.

Of course, if you are on a healthy diet and have good looking abs, congratulations! But, for those of us who aren’t doing as well, will these ab fitness machines really help? Would doing regular old sit-ups be just as effective? The answers may surprise you.

I would have to say that yes, ab machines can help flatten your tummy and get you in better shape for many different reasons. Here are the pros and cons to help you decide for yourself.

Pros To Using An Ab Fitness Machine

1. Convenience – With your own ab machine you don’t have to leave home and go to your local gym or health club in order to get a workout. You can also set your own time to workout and not have to rearrange your schedule.

2. Ease Of Use – With regular sit-ups you must use the right form or you can do them without getting any results. Who wants to go through that? With an ab machine you eliminate this potential problem from happening. The machine is designed for the optimum form. Follow the directions and you’ll get a perfect workout every time.

3. Lower Risk Of Injury – Sit-ups on the hard floor can give you a very sore back! I’ve even heard of people hurting their backs or spraining their necks due to this fact. Ab machines are designed to be more comfortable and safer to use.

4. Better Results – Ab machines are designed to give you maximum impact on every rep. You’ll be able to work less to achieve the same results as you would if you did plain sit-ups. Most people like that aspect.


1. Space – Depending on the type of ab fitness machine you buy space could be a problem, especially for those living in a small apartment. You want to be sure you’ll be able to store the ab machine before purchasing it.

2. Cost – Ab machines come in all price ranges, from those costing less than $50 to ones costing several hundreds of dollars. You’ll have to keep your budget in mind.

Different Models Of Ab Fitness Machines

The choices for ab fitness machines are numerous to say the least. Like I mentioned earlier, you have a wide variety of prices and options to choose from. Some of the different models include:

Torso Track – For around $40 this ab machine is quite effective and adjusts as you build stronger ab muscles.

Ab Slide – This is a simple ab roller that takes up no space at all. Priced at around $25 this machine is the lowest costing ab machine available.

Ab Lounge – This one will cost approximately $175. A little pricey, but very comfortable. You may even want to use this one to lounge in while watching TV. It is also a good machine for those with bad backs.

Yukon Ab Crunch Machine – The Yukon will run you around $275, but I must say it is worth the money. Comparable to a health club machine the Yukon will give you some great looking abs in a short period of time. It’s great for those on a higher budget and who also have plenty of space to set it up in.

This is only a look at a few different models of ab fitness machines. There are so many more on the market. So, what is the bottom line to all of this? Ab machines can give you the results you’re looking for in a shorter period of time than doing regular sit-ups, and be much easier on your body. But, as with anything else, you have to put in the effort to make a difference. If you will, I believe you will notice a big difference when you look in the mirror a few months down the road!

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