Abbreviated Injury Scale Classifies Severity of Injuries

There was a collision between two motorcycles (Kawasaki and Yamaha) which caused injuries to the riders. The momentum was great and the impact was so strong that both Kawasaki and Yamaha motorcycle parts were found scattered on the road. Who do you think among the riders will survive?

The degree of injury tells whether a person will live or not. Injury may or may not be apparent. Some may appear as apparent as glass. However, some may appear strong and virile after an accident but afterwards may be diagnosed with severe injury.

It is important for us to know whether a person is survivable or not because if not and there are still others who have the chance of living and in need of help, we got to prioritize them.

There is an existing simplified rating of injuries made by doctors and head-injury researchers. It is called Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS). AIS 1 means barely injured, AIS 6 means dead, or sure to be dead very soon.

Here’s the entire AIS scale:

AIS 1 = Minor; AIS 2 = Moderate; AIS 3 = Serious; AIS 4 = Severe; AIS 5 = Critical; AIS 6 = Unsurvivable

The injury rating may be dissimilar all throughout the body. The patient may have AIS 1 on the arm, AIS 4 on the chest and AIS 3 on the head. Therefore, the more serious the injury is, the more attention needed.

It is important to protect our bodies against injuries so as not to endanger our lives. Another thing is that we should give more protection to our vital body parts most especially to the head. The skull protects our brain. Due to lack of support and protection the brain may be fatally injured. It may lead us to a ‘vegetable state’ or worst to death.

According to a recent study the likelihood of dying from a head injury goes up dramatically if you have other major injuries as well. ” It also goes up with age. Which means that a nice, easy AIS 3 head injury, which might be perfectly survivable on its own, can be the injury that kills you if you already have other major injuries. Which, as it happens, you are very likely to have in a serious motorcycle crash.”

We must try to limit injury. If as much as possible we can avoid it, the better. The reason to this is that even if the other injuries are survivable if the others are not still, we are on a dangerous state.

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