Airport Gyms Guide

Traveling is entirely unpredictable.

Stuck in layover limbo?

Many travelers spend hours sitting in airports due to missed or bumped flights, mechanical problems, weather conditions prohibiting the plan from taking off, or other problems beyond the traveler’s control like the time my plane ticket blew out of my hand in a blustery wind and wound up in a grate.

I just learned that some airports have gyms which I never had any idea of.

Many airports across America are starting to open gyms right in the terminals for the use of airport staff and travelers stuck in the airport.

“It’s an ideal location,” says Bob Schaffner, 24-Hour Fitness Sales Manager.

Kevin Gillotti hates wasting time between flights when he travels.

A few years ago he started which now lists more than 50 health clubs in the U.S. and Canada.

Some of these airport gyms aren’t just for buff gay flight attendants:

The Hilton O’Hare Athletic Club between Terminals 2 and 3 is $11 at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport includes a steam room. The phone number is 773-601-1723.

The Absolute Spa at the Fairmount (Terminal M, 604-207-5200, $15) in Canada’s Vancouver International Airport features a resistance pool where you can swim against the current.

At the Phoenix Sun Athletic Club, for $10 you can work out during any 24-hour period.

There are numerous airport gyms in California, of course, such as the Met-Rx one or in the airport terminal at Los Angeles Airport (LAX), you can work out for free.

More airport gym listings are out and on Some listings will be near the airport rather than in the building.

At the Miami International Airport you pay $8 for an all-day pass which features an outdoor running track, rooftop pool, treadmills, Steppers, and Nautilus weight machine. is the most comprehensive free listing of airport gyms, fitness clubs, and exercise centers.

The site was started in 2002, written by health conscious travelers for the same kinds of people.

Jim Gulliford, a fleet service employee of McCarren Airport and long-time member of 24-Hour Fitness says, “I tell people all the time that if you’ve ever thought of putting a gym in your home, there’s no need.”

Gyms in airports are a great substitute, according to some, for what people would otherwise be doing to fill their free time.

“I would probably spend my time eating,” said Gulliford, laughing.

He has attended fitness centers near or in airports in Los Angeles as well as Chicago.

For pilots who only have short layovers, the airport gym is a perfect way to pass time, says one pilot.

Most pilots have very short layovers and don’t have time to leave the airport.

As fitness becomes more of a trend in America and it is a main concern for people to stay healthy and in shape, airport fitness center become more necessary, according to travel writer Jessica Taryn.

“It’s hard to adhere to a workout schedule while traveling but with the convenience of a health club within the airport terminal people are likely to spend their down time working out,” she said.

“People travel to cater to their other priorities in life, such as business or to visit family,” said Patty Guinto, 24-Hour Fitness Spokesperson.

“We have shorts and t-shirts to buy for people who don’t have clothes with them to work out in,” said Sachko Tzintzev of the Hilton Hotel Gym at O’Hare.

Most airport gyms have showers, steams rooms, saunas, and supply towels to their guests and members.

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