An Adventure in Greenbrier, Virginia

When asked where do I live, I proudly answer Chesapeake, Virginia. Many times people look at me funny and say “Where?” Then I have to give them a popular landmark so they can get a just of where I live. I live on the Greenbrier side of Chesapeake, Virginia. It is a very nice area, and has many places to go believe it or not.

I have lived in this area of town for the past sixteen years, and love every bit of it. During the day it is mostly quiet, and people go about their day to day activities. This can include mowing the grass to shopping at the Super Wal-mart for groceries or other household items. Young children can go for association many places, as well as teenagers and adults. Just in Greenbrier alone, there are two movie theatres that play new and old features. Close by there is a roller skating rink, and an enormous ice skating rink right across the street. For the people who love to skate, this will definitely come to their benefit.

The Greenbrier section of Chesapeake has restaurants galore. These restaurants range from seafood to Mexican food. And many others. Located directly in the heart of the Greenbrier area is Greenbrier Mall. This is a newly expanded two story mall that has clothes for all sizes and ages. Greenbrier mall is a very well respected mall, and the people there usually handles themselves with dignity. Very rarely you will have a problem at this mall. This makes parents feel at ease allowing their teenagers to go to the mall by themselves, or with friends or family.

The nightlife in Chesapeake is a somewhat lively one. I do have to admit though that there isn’t too much to do late at night. Many times people gather together at the local bowling alley to hang out. The bowling alley closes on the weekends when the majority of the people begin to leave. At the bowling alley you can do more than just bowl. You can shoot some pool, play video games, or watch television on the big screen. What ever you choose to do, you will have fun either way.

So all in all, the Greenbrier side of Chesapeake can be adventurous. I’m not saying every place will be a hotspot, but it still gives activities for people to do. So next time when someone says they are from Chesapeake, Virginia, do not give any funny faces, because it can be a fun place to live.

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