Answer to Concerned from More Concerned on the Patriot Act

How many “Patriots” have been captured, detained, or denied their rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness under the Patriot Act? How many “Patriots” have been spied on and had their family reunion interrupted by the jack-booted government gestapo? How many “Patriots” have had their conversations with their mother, their siblings, their spouses revealed to the public? How many “Patriots” have had their business conversations revealed and lost money because the were found out? How many “Patriot” girl-friends or boy-friends replationships have been exposed?

How many lives have been saved because terroristic plans have been thwarted by secret listening in on conversations between freely mobile elements in our country and foreign entities? How many “secrets” have been “leaked” by “Patriots” on Capitol Hill? How many secrets have been discovered by listening to and reading public records of court cases? How many “security issues” have been revealed by the media? What are you saying in phone conversations that can’t be heard on listening devices or that you are trying to hide? Would it be OK if a judge gave consent to eavesdrop on your conversations, but not OK to eavesdrop to determine if information vital to national security should be recorded? Would you find solace in having prevented law enforcement from “gathering intelligence” without a judge’s review, that resulted in your children or parents being killed in a terrorist act planned over the phone?

Just who is the enemy of our way of life, George Bush who is charged with the responsiblity of securing our safety, or Achmed Camel-Jockey, who wants all Westerners killed? “Concerned”, about what? Get “concerned” about over-taxation, liberal, pork barrel spending, undue lobbying influences, “unrepresentative” government, incompetent bureaucrats, price gouging, stealing by government officials and private enterprise executives, a failing educational system, deteriorating infrastructure, poor workmanship, illegal aliens, crime in the street, drug trafficking, biased media, false testimony of the former President, the drowning of a date by Senator Bull Frog, the stealing of money by a California Congressman, the plight of Appalachia,etc,etc,etc. There are plenty of things to be “concerned” about without inventing “boogey-men”

Since you are obviously not the judge that you want to hear this case, your desire to be informed of its’ merits would never come to fruition save whatever was illegally leaked to the media. Although you question the track record of President Bush, the money would probably be bet on him rather than anyone that would write an article such as you submitted. I certainly would not depend on your convoluted approach to protect my family!

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