Are Your Children Safe

Are your children safe
Children are being removed everyday from there parents. And for no reason , Other than they make money .. At his time there are 586.000 children in foster homes ,. Parents are having to do what is called case plans to get there children back . and they are called case plans set up for failure. You have to do things like take parenting classes. See psychiatrist, go to counseling, Many parents are even being told they have to be single to be a parent. Lol . That is something i was told .. Imagine that. and alot of other things . To have what legally belongs to you . Your children . How do they do this . They Lie ,twist ,and turn anything and everything you say . And believe me it isn’t in the best interest of the children.Because children everyday are being hurt in foster homes. Children are being removed for the craziest reasons you wouldn’t even believe.Because the mom cant pay her light bill . Or they seen a bruise on the child . Come on all children get bruises.And lost of parent have financial problems . Unless you are very wealthy . I am sure you have had them yourself . Believe me i am a mother and my children are my life . And it happened to me . And i had to fight to get my kids back .. And it was far from easy . Unfortunately alot of parents don’t know how to fight to get there children back .And many more say it wont happen to me i am a good parent . Well guess what 85 percent of us that our children are taken are good parents. That didn’t know our rights. After they are removed, they will give you a public Defender . I call them Public Pretenders . They pretend they care. Many don’t even do that . They wont call you you never see them except for court. And many times the Public defender you get isn’t going to fight for your kids .They also are doing it for money .You have to if you want them back . It took me a month after learning what i had to do to get my kids home .. But they were there 7 months prior to that . With me having to jump thru hoops to get them back .. If this hasn’t happened to you that is great. But don’t ever think it cant . All it takes is a phone call and they are there .Knocking at your door asking you questions . At your kids school questioning them . Stripping them down . This isn’t right . But there are ways to stop this and protect what is yours . Your children .. But if you don’t know what you are doing you have a long struggle . And many nights of crying yourself to sleep each night . Wondering what they are going to do next .It isn’t a good feeling at all . But you must learn what to do to stop them . And if you have never had this happen . For your own sake please please learn your rights before they come cause after they take them and you see what you could have done to prevent this and protect your children . You will have wished you would have known Cause you will have a big battle . They want to keep your children and so do the foster parents. They are making money $$$ and that is what it is all about . Your children have a price On here head . Sad but true.Protect your kids from them .I help parent all over the U. S . Fight for there kids . And it is getting worse. We have to stop these people . These are our children And we have a right to be and we do have rights ..

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