Avent Bottles – Happy Baby, Happy Parents: Product Review

I’ve tried many different bottles with my two children. But with my first child I discovered a bottle that I couldn’t live without, the Avent bottle. Since then, the Avent bottle has always been my favorite and now I’m using them with my son. Even though it has its flaws, the Avent bottle is far superior to other brands of bottles. It keeps baby happy because they don’t swallow as much air, and it also keeps parents happy because it’s so easy to clean. When it comes to bottles, this house is definitely an Avent house.

The Avent bottle was designed with both the baby and the parents in mind. It boasts an anti-vacuum skirt and it also has a one-way air valve, both which ensure that baby is only sucking liquid through the bottle, not air. This reduces painful gas and bouts of crying from a colicky baby. It also has a natural shaped nipple, which makes the combination of breast and bottle feeding much easier. When I used the Avent bottle, I was also breastfeeding. Every time I tried to use a different bottle with my daughter, she wouldn’t latch on. The unnatural shape of the nipple caused nipple confusion. I never had a problem with her not accepting the Avent bottle because it was shaped so much like a human nipple. She also cried a lot less after I switched from a different brand of bottle to the Avent bottle. I had even tried a special bottle that was specifically designed for colicky babies, and all the crazy contraptions inside the bottle couldn’t even calm her down. Avent is number one in my book when it comes to soothing colicky babies.

Another reason I love the Avent bottle is because it’s so easy to clean. It has a very wide shape, so the bottle brush fits in with very little effort. Also, I throw the Avent bottles in the dishwasher after cleaning them with the brush and I feel like they get cleaner because they are so wide and the water flows easily inside them

The only cons I found with the Avent bottles were leaks and cost. The Avent bottles seem to leak quite a bit more than regular bottles do. However, if you make sure to screw the top on very tight you shouldn’t have this problem. Also, the cost of the Avent bottles is pretty pricey when compared to other bottles. I found the Avent bottle to be well worth the cost though, because my baby was happier, therefore I was happier.

Even with the few cons that the Avent bottle has, they are still so much better than the other bottles on the market. Once you buy the Avent bottle for your baby you won’t want any other bottle to touch their little lips, even more so if you are breastfeeding along with bottle feeding. You can pick these bottles up in your local market as they are widely popular. I only use Avent bottles in my house and I highly recommend them to parents everywhere.

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