Avoid a Groomzilla: Keep the Groom Stress-Free on the Wedding Day

Everyone has been talking so much lately about bridezilla’s but no one talks about what the groom may be going through. Remember that it is his special day too. Grooms go through many of the same things that the brides do, in addition to the fact that he has to deal with his stressed out bride. There are several ways that you can tell if you fit into this profile. First if you are dealing with an overly stressed bride to be then you are probably well on your way to a groomzilla breakdown.

Another way is if your groomsmen just do not seem to be cooperating or listing to anything that you say. This is usually the point where the groom begins to put his foot down and demanding that he have things his way. As the groom you are definitely entitled to have thing precisely the way you want them, when you want them. But as the groom you will want to keep in mind that according to many traditions this special day is for the bride. Many people feel that the wedding day should cater to whatever the bride wants or demands. So be prepared to have a lot of opposition to any of your ideas and suggestions.

If you really want this day to be about you and your bride, then the two of you need to come to some type of agreement or understanding. This should be done prior to getting the rest of the families involved. Once the family is allowed to put their two cents in then your ideas will go right out the window. If you can get your bride to agree with at least one of two of your ideas then the battle of the groom versus the bride will not be such a bad one.

The problem also comes when the family tries to change the mind of the bride. Usually this happens when they find out the something was your idea. If you really want to avoid being called a groomzilla who is fighting with his bridezilla, don’t blame anything on the bride or her family. Even though all families disagree and argue at one time or another, try your best to make the last two weeks prior to the wedding as peaceful as possible. Why do I say the last two weeks?

This is usually when everyone has reached their boiling points with the wedding planning. Your only job and concern at this point should be to keep your bride happy at all costs. Even if this means that you have to upset some of her family members. As long as she does not find out about it until after the wedding, you will be well protected from the anger of a stressed out bride.

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