Baby Constipation: Symptoms & Treatments When Your Infant is Constipated

Constipation isn’t something only adults deal with it. Your baby may experience it as well. There are many signs to tell if your baby is having trouble moving his bowels. Luckily, there are also some natural, safe ways to treat and help prevent constipation for your infant. Of course, you should always notify your child’s pediatrician when your child is in any sort of distress.

Signs Of Constipation:

Bowel Movements Have Slowed Down- A baby will have less bowel movements the older he gets, but if it starts suddenly and is accompanied by discomfort and fussiness, it may be due to constipation. Breastfed babies are less likely to be constipated but if he has just started solids, it may have caused it.

Baby Pulls Up Knees And Grunts Or Moans- This could be due to gas as well as constipation.

Irritability- Constipation is one of many things that could be causing this.

Baby Seems Relieved After Bowel Movement- If baby is having a particularly hard time passing a stool and then seems relieved when it finally comes out, it may be due to constipation.

Hard Stools- Little rocks or pellets in a baby’s diaper definitely suggest he is constipated.

Blood-Streaks In Diaper- Anal fissures or hemmorhoids could be caused by the hard stools. (Definitely contact pediatrician about this to rule out anything worse.)

Hard Stomach- A tight abdomen could be caused by gas or constipation.

Treatments For Constipation:

Exercise- A little exercise can sometimes work out the excrement. Try bicycling baby’s legs or if he has one, try the Jumperoo or Exersaucer.

Massage- Infant massage can be a natural cure for many ailments and there are plenty of techniques for tummy upset.

Water- Ask your pediatrician if a little water would be okay to grease up the works.

Fruit- If baby is eating solids, try some pears or other strained fruit. (Not bananas or apples, though. They could make the problem worse.)

Cut Back On Certain Solids- Rice cereal, bananas, and apples are common culprits of constipation when solids begin.

Prunes- Ask the doc before trying, but pureed prunes or a little prune juice can help get things going again.

Laxatives/Suppositories- Only try these under extreme circumstances and per your pediatrician’s instructions.

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