Bohol Bee Farm

Cradled by coastal cliffs and nestled amongst the tropical greenery of the island of Bohol (The Philippines), a spectacular getaway awaits. Located in Baranggay Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, The Bohol Bee Farm is a secret cherished and kept by visitors. Hidden, safe and unexploited, it is a sanctuary where one can escape from the complexities and trappings of modern life.

Born from a vision and driven by passion, its owner Victoria Wallace primarily intended it as a showcase to practice and apply her beliefs and principles in using natural processes. The farm has since evolved into a popular tropical retreat, encouraging agricultural development through organic farming and introducing an alternative and sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature.

The different structures within the 4.8 hectare site is strategically placed, while ensuring the least disruption in it’s’ surroundings. Using the natural contour of the landscape, pathways interconnect the whole facility. The outside perimeter of the farm house the different enclosed organic gardens as well as composting areas. The inside perimeter, serves as the guest housing and lounge area.

Drawing inspiration from the honey bee (she has a bee farm with 60 colonies producing pure honey), the Colony villa, honeycomb and beehive suites offer breathtaking views of the sea and complete amenities ensuring a relaxed and comfortable stay.

Guests have an option of invigorating their spirits by taking a dip in the two-tiered swimming pool or observe marine life in pristine habitats. Stone steps lead down the cliff to the sea and its crystal clear waters. Hammocks and lounge chairs that overlooking the sea provide a perfect backdrop to enjoy a stress-relieving massage or simply feel the caress of the fresh sea breeze.

Different activities such as raffia weaving, furniture making, sewing, paddling, basket making, verniculture, organic farming, horseback riding and cultural dancing ensure that each day is unique and memorable. Tours led and demonstrated by knowledgeable staff provide visitors valuable information in the different farming methods and disciplines that are used.

The main function area which houses the restaurant offers full catering services and audio-visual facilities. Simple organic furniture design in the lounge areas create a natural, warm and cozy ambience. Using only the freshest homegrown ingredients and honey based cooking, the restaurant offers culinary pleasures to satisfy even the most discriminating palette.

Only 100% natural and organically grown ingredients are used in its line of products such as squash muffins, homebaked bread, pure honey, honey spread, herb tea, honey mustard, etc. No preservatives and chemical fertilizers are used providing a healthy option and an environmentally safe alternative.

The Bohol Bee Farm has remained true to its principle of maintaining a balance between man and natures’ needs, promoting well-being though inner peace, a balanced organic diet and environmental responsibility.

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