Booger Boy Egg Separator and Other Funny Gifts for Teens

Buying gifts for teens can be a nightmare. More than likely if you don’t get the right one, they’ll give a sarcastic “thanks” and then throw it at the bottom of their closet never to be seen again. They are incredibly hard to please, and more often then not they are very ambiguous with their gift requests. If they ask for something, does that mean that actually want it? Well, fear no more. The funny and stupid gift is back on the rise and will surely be taken with a grain of salt by any teenager with a sense of humor. There are a number of funny gifts out there that are sure to get them to smile. Check out to get started.

For starters try the Crime Scene towel. It could be a perfect gift for those teens that have a little darker side than others. It’s a little more sick than funny, but some teens will definitely crack up when they see the outline of a homicide victim sketched onto their beach towel. It has good size at 31″ x 62″ and is made of 100% cotton, so it’s perfect for toting to the beach and soaking up some rays. Most teens will definitely sport this as an everyday towel as it’s unique and will definitely be a topic of conversation. Pick one up for $14.99.

If you know a teen that likes to cook, than the Peter Petrie Egg Separator is a gift that most definitely be used and enjoyed. It’s a hand crafted ceramic head with a hideous looking face emblazoned on the front. Simply crack open your egg; drop it into the top, and the yolk and albumen separate. The kicker is that the albumen flows out through the nose of the face looking very similar to snot. Very unappetizing for those about to eat, but sure to get a rise out of most teens looking to gross out their friends. The yolks remain inside for easy access and use. There also is the Booger Boy Egg Separator that looks like the face is having its nose picked. Both of these cost $12.99 and should lighten any teen’s lousy mood.

For more teens that can cook or are simply into grossing out their friends, get some ABC Cookie Cutters. ABC stands for already been chewed. That’s right. These cookie cutters shape the cookies into looking like a bite has already been taken. The molds come in traditional round cookies, or also gingerbread man shape. The gingerbread man cutter takes on a sicker element as it looks as though the extremities (i.e. Head and arms) have been bitten off. Not only will these cookie cutters get some attention from your teen, but you’ll be sure to hear about later as to how much of a success they were. Be sure to try them out for yourself. You’ll have your friends laughing in no time. The price for the cookie cutters is $10.99 and come in a regular round cookie set or a gingerbread man set.

Most of these gifts can be purchased at, so be sure to head there for some gifts that will have your teen in stitches and thanking you for not being so lame and giving tube socks.

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