Boys Will Be Boys

I’m getting tired of how parents are raising their sons these days. Teenage boys run wild at all hours of the night, raising hell and doing other activities they have no business doing. These are things they should not even be doing when they’re of age… and why? Because they’re boys and, “boys will be boys,” right? Is this why so many people feel that they’re easier to raise? I keep hearing this from people lately, parents, and other “responsible” adults, but especially from women. “I want sons because they’re easier to raise. Girls are too much!” Is it because women remember the little pain in the ass they were growing up and, can’t handle the mirror image?

Here’s some of the sob stories I’ve heard from people who feel they can’t handle the “stress” of daughters: “They have babies.” “You have to comb their hair, dress them up and paint their nails.” “They have to be protected and coddled.” Here’s the big one, “They have attitude!” Ain’t that a bitch?

Yes, lazy ass, combing your daughters’ hair is mandatory. The painting of nails is not so much, although it can be a fun and sweet bonding experience for you and the child. Yes, we must protect our daughters, but our sons need protection as well. They also need to be taught how to use it. (That was a reference to sex, for you slow people.) And, hell yea girls have attitude. We have periods, which also means that, yes, we are able to have babies!

Laziness and ignorance runs rampant. Quite frankly, that should be against the law when you’re a parent. Maybe, if we coddled our boys and dressed them up real cute, they wouldn’t grow up to be emotionally retarded badasses. I believe this is why I can’t find a decent man to spend time with. It seems that most men were raised by passive parents that allowed them do whatever they wanted and, slacked off on teaching life skills, because they believe they have “good boys”. In actuality, their “good boys” are out there raising all kinds of hell, as they raise themselves, which leads to jail or death. Do you want to see your sons become statistics or would you rather he “Be a Man”? (Whatever the hell that means).

Those little girls that parents are keeping at home and dressing real cute, are going to grow up and be strong, intelligent, and perhaps, male-like creatures because, while you feel that she is harder to raise you managed to raise a semi stable child, though she may be a little afraid to interact with human beings. Many women these days are very independent hard-asses, whereas men are dependent on women and act likes wusses. Could the difference be in the upbringing?

I’m begging everyone to stop treating little boys like wild animals. They have feelings and emotions and need to cry and vent. This is a human thing, not a female thing. Boys need guidance, hugs, and sometimes they need to sit their lil’ asses at home and read a book. As a society, let’s try something new and raise our sons and daughters with the same rules and regulations.

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