Bright Beginnings for Your Little One

When we were first entertaining the idea of a daycare for our 14 month old son, we were at a loss and a bit overwhelmed by all the choices. We did our homework and contacted a few in the area for tours but only one got back to us so we decided to make a visit. Upon entering the daycare we weren’t overly excited at the idea of our son being here. It’s a little cramped and they are still trying to get established being a relatively new school so they have some gently used things, but once we started talking to the director it seemed like a really nice place. She told us about the different activities the children are engaged in, reading time, music time, art projects and the like. Then she also mentioned the use of webcams.

We had never heard of such a thing in a daycare and our curiosity was peaked. They have cameras in each room placed so you can see what’s going on each day. It’s great and a wonderful comfort being able to check in on your child to see the way they interact with the other children and teachers. You know your child is in good hands when you can literally see what’s going on each day.

Another high point are the progress reports you get each day. It’s fun to see what they did, whether they ate well and what they had to eat that day, and how nap time went. They give out calendars each month so you know what’s coming up and they really keep you informed of your child’s development. You are free to come in and check on your child any time and are encouraged to join the group when they go on field trips.

They are licensed and insured so you have no worries as to your child’s well being and safety. The tuition is competitive with the other daycares in the area. They supply all the food, drinks, and wipes. You just supply the diapers and extra clothing should they need it.

We have been very pleasantly surprised at our son’s progress just being in the center a few months and look forward to his progress and development for the next few years.

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