Condo Complex Runs a Muck

I have several issues regarding the condo complex in which I have been residing now for almost 3 years.

First of all, I question whether or not the buildings of this Pawleys Island, SC condo complex are properly insulated, if at all. I am in a 3rd floor end unit and have suffered for 3 winters now. For at least 4-5 months a year, my particular condo is not suitable for winter occupancy. With the slightest bit of wind, (Northern, in particular) the condo becomes ungodly cold. Last winter, I spent a fortune in firewood & starter logs, as this situation required continuous stationary heat. And for the most part, I usually had to place myself practically in the fireplace in order to stay warm.The forced heat blows out as quickly as it enters. I also had to invest in space heater. With 2 (drafty) windows on the outer exposed wall, the bedroom is impossible to sleep in cold and/or windy weather. Its closet, in all honesty, could be used as a substitute “freezer.” Last January, I went to a friend’s (first floor nestled in) condo to personally witness this “outdoor,” feature my condo had. Her thermostat read 72 degrees with no heat at all, while my condo read 58 degrees with the fireplace going. When I went to complain to the office that day, instead of coming up to witness my situation herself , (which I did suggest) the local manager, instead, called the local electric company. She later told me my bill wasn’t high enough and therefore, I was not using the (ineffective for this non-winterized condo) regular heat.

In speaking with several other past and present renters in more humane living conditions, I have discovered they not only rarely need heat in their particular condos, but I am also paying higher rent for my quite inferior condo. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how this unregulated condo company determines its rental rates. Based on my experience, I would have to say the more horrible the conditions, the higher the rent is. This past February when I released this ungodly 1 bedroom condo, I was informed that in addition to the already outrageous rent, I was now to also pay a “water,” bill. Unlike other utilities, however, this water bill is not based on what I alone consume on a monthly basis. This, “bill,” instead is paid directly to the office and is incorporated into the monthly rate. The water bill is determined according to the total consumption of an entire building. (24 units) Hence, this utility is based on an “everyone chips in,” policy rather than ones personal monthly usage.

Never intending on staying anywhere near this amount of time in this horrible situation, I continued to investigate less expensive and more humane and livable situations. A few days ago, while researching CraigList for this area, I discovered this creepy complex has its condos listed. I learned they are currently renting 2 bedroom condos (& with luck, one might get a condo actually livable 12 months a year) for $120 Cheaper than what I pay for the inferior 1 bedroom I was lucky enough to secure 3 years ago. Water is included according their CraigList Ad.

And finally, to add insult to injury, for over a year ago now, I have been suffering with chronic sinus infections and have been on antibiotics at least a dozen times in the last year. I also continue to experience dizziness, nausea and a host of other conditions, quite possibly related to the mold factor which is quite noticeable on the exterior of the buildings in this condo complex which advertises itself as being “luxury,” in nature. In questioning others regarding this particular facet of this not so lovely place, I have learned that other renters, not wanting, “to rock the boat,” have had to vacate the premises here due to the mold situation. Some who yet remain have, like myself, complain of similar symptoms I have been experiencing. On one blog, I discovered a renter had to be rushed to the hospital because of mold exposure.

I really do not need anymore further anxiety and trouble over this misfortune. Instead, I would really prefer to leave this situation ASAP. However, based on the lack or ethics this out of control company has shown me thus far, I am also concerned what antics these professionally trained sharks-like employees might impose on me when I do attempt to break my year’s lease here. On a recent visit to their office I made concerning this very real possibility, I noticed there were, “new documents,” concerning this issue in my folder. Of course, I had no knowledge of these before they found their way into my records.

In conclusion and in my most humble opinion, this condo complex drastically needs to be thoroughly inspected and investigated at all levels. What appears to be a completely unrelated and above The Law, operation will only continue in its ungodly and unlawful practices as long as no one speaks up. I believe my personal findings in this nightmare situation are very valid and warrant the assistance of Legal Action and I graciously welcome the opinion and guidance of anyone with expertise in this type of Law.

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