Council of Regulars: The Yahoo Group that Could

Have you ever wanted to find a way to be helpful, but are limited in your means? Have you ever wanted a sense of community in a world where the concept of community seems to be slowly decaying? Then maybe you would be interested in the Council of Regulars.

The Council of Regulars (COR) is currently a yahoo based group that has formed, organized itself, and has a clear plan for growth and success. It was founded 2 Ã?½ years ago and still has several of its founding members among its ranks, along with the fresh new faces. The COR had a shaky start. Many members disagreed on how the group should be run and organized, battles ensued and harsh words were spoken, but it was these trials that helped the members to forge the manifesto. The COR has its own organized democratic self governing process modeled after the U.S. Constitution. The democratic process that is in place has insured the group’s stability and ability to continue to successfully grow.

Part of the reason the COR was founded was to provide a sense of community for people who might not otherwise have a good local community around them, or who otherwise might not be able to participate in their local community. It is established on the basis of tolerance and equality, and has members of many races, colors, creeds, philosophies, genders, and orientations, and it is a group that is fond of exploring new perspectives and beliefs in the pursuit of educating and bettering oneself. In this environment the COR is able to draw together and support each other when members fall on hard times. Many members are generous with their time and resources in assisting other members with their needs. Many members will offer help monetarily, help finding jobs, searching out local resources, teaching what they know about computers and programs, and in general offering their friendship, warmth, and compassion. There is not a more generous group of people to be found on the internet, nor a more resourceful or intelligent group.

These qualities are what drive the growth and success of the group. Currently the group has set out on a path with a clear goal in mindâÂ?¦ to file an LLC (limited liability Corporation) and become a legitimate business venture. Currently they are in the process of drafting their articles of organization and doing market research with the goal of purchasing real estate in mind. Their intention is to start revenue producing vacation resort that will produce benefits and a supplemental income to its members. They have lofty goals of becoming one of the first corporate structures that maintains it’s democratic process, and allows everyone equal opportunity to have their say in the business, instead of giving the wealthy the controlling portion of the company, while climbing to the ranks of the Fortune 500. It is a long and arduous path they have laid out ahead of them, but they have diligent and dedicated people volunteering time and effort to see this project come to fruition.

They are also currently working to become independent of Yahoo. Currently their .com is under development to contain all of the groups and sub-groups they will need, their own chat client and COR branded instant messaging service, arcade, and other features that will allow them to be their own entity, independent of anyone but their own members. Already on their site they have the COR Store. It is an E-bay style store without having to auction. Members post items and services they have for sale for anyone to purchase. Some members retail new products such as home dÃ?©cor, other members post arts and crafts they make, original art work, books written and published by one of their very own authors, or items they have laying about that they no longer use. Currently this store serves a duel purpose. It allows each individual member to earn money off of their items, and 10% of these sales goes directly to the COR in order to assist it’s members and help fund the expenses for filing the LLC and purchasing the real estate for the resort. Currently anyone is able to join the .com site and play the arcade or purchase from the store. They are also looking to open their selling option to the public at rates lower than E-Bay charges for their listing fees. The group also has its own on-line radio station being dj’d and managed by its own members.

At the moment the group interacts and converses in Christian Chat 1 of the Yahoo servers and communicates via messenger, telephone, and e-mail, however the personal element has been and is being introduced. The group recently held its get together this last August, and they plan to hold one annually. Being that this was the first, a small group of people were there and had a very good time. Next year it is anticipated the turn out will be much larger and just as much, if not more fun than it was this year.

If this group interests you and you wish for further information be sure to visit , visit Christian Chat 1 in Yahoo to get to know the members, or you may visit to apply for membership.

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