Dealing with Depression: How to Survive the Dark Days

Depression has been around for a long time. But many used other terms to describe their “blue” feelings. They would tell friends and family they were just tired or feeling a bit down. These days, depression seems to have less of a stigma attached to the word. This could be the reason more people seek help and information from their family doctor, psychologist, or a trusted confidante.

Most people state they do not have a certain event or tragedy that caused them to feel sad. Depression normally creeps up slowly, and before you know it , there is a loss of joy in the things and activities you once enjoyed. There is a sense of sadness and withdrawal from other people. These feelings make it difficult for most people to seek treatment.

Depression can cause people to attempt to self-medicate. Alcohol or drugs may seem to change the way you feel, but the depression soon returns. Some drugs such as marijuana can actually worsen your depression. But today’s medications have come a long way in fighting depression. Doctors can prescribe you the proper anti-depressant to regulate the brain chemicals that are out of whack. The side-effects are quite minimal, and most would say a dry mouth occasionally is certainly worth being able to lead a normal life.

If you are reading this article and are currently suffering from depression, please see your doctor. Left untreated, depression returns again and again in many people. Life should be enjoyable and not so painful. Seek treatment today and free yourself from the darkness of depression.

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