Deciphering Your Dreams

Many books have been written on the subject but now Glamour Magazine has launched their own dream dictionary, complete with symbols and buzz words so you too can find out what that man dressed up as a zebra on a unicycle meant when he visited you via Mr. Sandman.

For instance dreaming about an accelerator means you will achieve your goals, accidents are supposed to be warning signs for real life, acrobats’ meanings vary depending on the details, and adventure dreams speak more about your feelings about the trip rather than the details of the journey itself.

One therapist says that dreaming about spiders means you’re dreaming about childhood sexual abusers from your past.

Then there are those who have recurring dreams and nightmares like the woman who continues to dream about a rape she was a victim of.

Some people “work out” conflict in their dreams with their bosses, co-workers, family, or friends.

Some dreamers like to keep a dream diary by the bed and log each and every nighttime visit to see a pattern.

There are also night terrors, more extreme than nightmares and usually waking people up in a cold sweat and anxious.

Some experts tell their clients they can control their dreams. Some try to do it with prayer or will.

Some just give in to the nightmares, accepting it as a way of life.

One lady who always feared being stuck on a rollercoaster she loved riding would often have dreams of that very thing.

People who have lost loved ones typically dream about them for a long time, sometimes forever.

Kim, a massage therapist, believes that dreaming about the dead is not a good thing and it is a sign of unresolved issues with that person.

A radical change in your lifestyle is expected if you dream about a catastrophe, according to one expert.

“One of the weirdest dreams I ever had was climbing up a ladder and I get to the top and then the ladder goes backwards on me and I realize that I lost my balance. I know I’m going to hit the ground now. I never land. I have the sensation of falling but I never land. That has to be one of the trippiest dreams,” said Ruben Perez. “Another one was I am flying, not like Superman, not flapping my wings. My face is in the wind and all the sudden I go down and into this lake and I go in the water. The water is so clear you can see from one end of the lake to the other and it’s fascinating. I’m not breathing, just swimming underwater. I’m breathing underwater but I have no apparatus. Like a fish.”

Falling dreams are considered bad signs and some say if you fall in the dream, you’ll die from a heart attack.

Then there’s the adage that if you dream something three times it will come true.

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