Denver’s Hippest Vintage Home Furnishings Shops

Denver may seem to be more of a log-cabin, steer-skin rug kind of town, but it is also home to plenty of midcentury homes and great modern design. While the suburbs certainly seem to favor the Pottery Barn look, central Denver is home to some great resources for futuristic, modern and Scandinavian design pieces from the fifties through the eighties:

1. Mod Livin’, 5327 E. Colfax;

Housed in a 1940s-vintage pharmacy in Denver’s Mayfair district, Mod Livin’ is a mecca of vintage-modern design. The store’s online presence offers free shipping on most items over $100 but the shop is certainly worth the trip away from the computer. From one-of-a-kind vintage pieces to iconic items like Panton chairs and Noguchi tables, Mod Livin’ is a monument to midcentury chic.

2. Crown Mercantile, 46 Broadway

A newcomer to Denver’s Broadway shopping district, Crown Mercantile offers a broad variety of items from cute clothes and baby items to 1960s living room sets. The furniture at Crown is of the quirky variety, ranging from pink fuzzy vanity stools to spartan metal teachers’ desks. The shop is home to plenty of home accessories as well, such as funky sunburst clocks and reproduction cocktail sets. Crown is a must-see for people striving for that swanky, 1950s pad decked out with vinyl and plenty of space-age touches.

3. Popular Culture, 1150 S. Broadway

Pop Culture is the granddaddy of Denver’s vintage home stores, operating out of its Broadway location for more than 20 years. Pop Culture specializes in funky and colorful furnishings from the 1930s to the 1980s. The shop is a small but essential stop for the vintage shopper, and a good break between the bigger, more restrained shops along Antique Row.

4. Room, Lincoln at Broadway

Recently relocated from its LoDo digs, Room has moved to a new and larger location near Capitol Hill. Room specializes in late 1960s and early 1970s items, resulting in a color palette of Brady Bunch browns, greens, golds and ochres. The fun and open shop also stocks chic handbags, gift cards, unusual design items and groovy accessories for the home.

5. Decade, 56 S. Broadway

A cozy little shop just south of First Avenue, Decade is a girly, fun store stocked with deco and modern furniture, beautifully scented candles and children’s items. The shop is home to a friendly but aloof tabby cat, who tends to give the furniture a good testing-out before customer use. The furniture is reasonably priced here (sadly, the same can’t be said for their stock of vintagey, designer-look clothes) and accessories make it a great option for gift shopping.

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