Developing a Positive Real Estate Mindset

Real Estate is no different from any other business in that it consists of service providers and customers. That is one of the most important things to remember when approaching your real estate career. You have a service to provide, and people need that service.

This is a simple business property: Supply & Demand.

Knowing this, you have an edge over your competitors. It isn’t about scrounging for your next client because you know there are people out there who need your help. It’s about letting people know that you offer a service – real estate – and that you are available to them.

It’s important to get into the service mindset because otherwise, your business is worthless. If you don’t exist to help other people, then you have nothing to offer your community. This is the first step toward developing the proper real estate mindset.

The second is to identify the qualities that make a great realtor. Do you have those qualities, and if not, can you acquire them? This is the time to take a good, objective look at the way you conduct business, and to make any appropriate changes.

These are the qualities of a successful real estate agent with the proper mindset:

�· Positive
�· Aggressive
�· Approachable
�· Professional
�· Friendly

All of these qualities combine to make an attractive business solution. When you meet with clients and prospects, you should radiate these qualities, which will help make others comfortable with putting their business in your hands.


A positive person is a successful person. Guaranteed. Every day when you go to work, you have to forget about the sleep you failed to get last night and the fight you endured with your wife over window treatments. You have to forget about your personal life entirely, and focus on making the most of your day.

Every time you allow negativity to control your professional life, you miss out on opportunities on which you otherwise might have seized. You disappoint a client, fail to perform duties and bring down those around you. Everyone wants to be surrounded by positive people. It’s human nature.

A Positive Person:

�· Makes an effort to forget about personal issues while working
�· Turns negative situations into positive situations
�· Gives every client their full attention
Ã?· Continues to learn even after they’ve “mastered” their craft
�· Is friendly, knowledgeable and confident in business

A Negative Person:

�· Makes excuses for failures
�· Blames others for inadequacies
�· Puts a negative spin on all situations
Ã?· Refuses to learn once they “know everything”
�· Is nervous, closed-off and bored in business


When you walk into a room, do people feel comfortable coming up to you? Do clients appear at ease when in your company? Can you easily strike up a conversation with anyone who walks through your office door?

If not, then you aren’t as successful as you could be. A real estate agent is a salesperson first and foremost, and your livelihood depends on your rapport with other people.

An Approachable Person:

�· Smiles and greets clients warmly for meetings
�· Asks clients about life outside of the workplace
�· Is friendly and helpful with colleagues
�· Uses humor and wit to instill the confidence of clients
�· Introduces himself or herself to people in large gatherings


Your clients and prospects will not want to work with you if you do not behave professionally. This means dressing appropriately, giving honest answers and being knowledgeable about real estate in general. Your office should be free of clutter and your materials should be filed correctly. When a client asks for something, you should know where to find it.

A Professional:

�· Dresses appropriately for all business functions
�· Shakes hands with clients and colleagues
�· Keeps an organized and neat office
�· Can find paperwork and other materials readily
�· Keeps client and listing information in accessible places


Just because you are a professional doesn’t mean you can’t be friendly. Allow your own unique personality to shine through when holding conversations and calling prospects. Feel free to add humor and wit to your conversational skills; this will help people to feel at ease with you.

A friendly real estate agent will always have more clients. Guaranteed.


This is by far the most difficult quality to master. Aggressiveness should not be mistaken for rudeness; establishing that fine line can take some practice. But don’t wait for clients to offer a sale; ask for it! And don’t sit around waiting for clients and listings to appear; go get them!

Even if you are the most laid-back individual in your private life, you must be aggressive in your career. This means knowing what you want and going after it. Trust me, clients will respect your aggressive demeanor and will respond to it without even realizing they are.

These are the keys to a successful real estate mindset. Develop these qualities and you will be ready to achieve your goals in real estate.

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