Difference Between PC and Console Gaming

The difference between PC and Console gaming… The big question that most people would love to know. People see that a game is both on a Console and on a PC, so what should they do? You think they should get the one that makes them feel more comfortable… Yes that is a factor, but you also have to realize that PC’s are far more advanced when it comes to gaming. Consoles are great, and have come a long way, but they can only handle a certain amount of power. When you look on the side of a computer game, normally you see the minimum and recommended system requirements, well there is a reason for that. Games are developed every day, and computers are outdated the second after you buy the one you just bought, so games with better graphics, need more power. With a console though games are programmed to run at that particular speed, as it is far less complex to make a console game. Normally most of the information is on either a cartridge, or cd\laser disc. I will explain the difference’s between playing a video game on a pc as opposed to a console.

Console gaming has certainly made a huge jump in what it used to be. I can remember the 4 bit days, where Atari’s sold out stores. Now you buy a game, and it looks so real, it is like you are actually there. Many people like the controller a console has to offer, or whether they don’t feel like spending the time or money using a computer, as they are far more complex. Many people like the game selection consoles have to offer too. Nintendo who is known for it’s reputation to have a great game library is an example. Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong are all of Nintendo’s creations, and people love the plumber, the hero, and the monkey. For Sony Playstation you have Final Fantasy, which is one of the top games ever to be made for a video game system. XBox which is a new brand, has the potential to outwit some computer systems, as it is made by Microsoft. See… Consoles are gaining huge ground and catching up to computer gaming. Though it still is not as powerful yet, eventually we can be seeing console gaming at a record high, and possibly surpassing most computer systems in the gaming field. Although I am not positive of this, the probability of it happening is pretty good as ever couple years a newer console comes out with upgraded hardware and a bigger gaming library.

Computer gaming is probably my favorite. Many people like the feel of a mouse, and keyboard when gaming, and who doesn’t? You can type other people when play multiplayer games with ease, and more people play multiplayer games on the computer then on a console. In my opinion you can’t really compare a console and pc, but in fact they are starting to catch up. When you look on the side of a computer game, it says the requirements of what is needed to run that particular game. Now many people look at the minimum system requirements, and say… “Hey I can get away with this, as I have 100 MHZ less, or exactly on the dot”. That is not the case always as minimum usually means lowest resolution graphics settings, etc. What I normally do when hot new games come out, is I upgrade my system, but since my system is already as high as it can get, no game’s coming at anytime soon will surpass it. Computer gaming is in fact much more expensive than console gaming, but it is far more advanced when it comes to the outcome of a game. There are games like Warcraft, Everquest, Final Fantasy… All online gaming that takes this type of entertainment to the next level. Now with MMORPG, which is short for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, it is actually like you are walking in real life, and communicating with people around the world. It is truly astounding, and when I play, I play for hours, so that is how addicting it can get. So in my opinion computer gaming has the edge over console gaming.

Some key points to remember when purchasing computer games is… Make sure you have enough RAM, and that your video card is one of the recommended on the box. That’s all you need is when you buy the game and you try it out, and there is a video error, then you need to buy a new video card and place it in the slot. Then… When you get home you find out the card doesn’t fit, or isn’t compatible with the motherboard you have, so if you aren’t advanced with computer hardware I would ask a professional before purchasing a game.

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