Discover the Astrological Makeup of Your Pet with Pet Horoscopes

Your dog may not be interested in his financial future, but perhaps he’d like to know if he’ll be particularly adept at playing ball today. And your cat likely cares little about achieving a greater social life, but she may be interested in foreseeing any future possibilities for extra playtime, perhaps involving a new mouse toy.

As human as our pets sometimes tend to be, they are thankfully free of many of the daily stress-inducing trials we humans face. But they too have needs, thoughts, desires and dreams. We’ve often chuckled at their humorous expressions and odd behavior, but perhaps there is more to those seemingly random eccentricities than mere pet quirkiness.

For increased knowledge about your particular pet, a number of websites offer pet horoscopes. Just as a human’s behavior can often be determined from their astrology sign, so too can a pet’s. A pet’s horoscope can provide detailed information about you pet’s feelings, attitudes, behavior, habits, and overall demeanor.

And while many of the horoscopes for pets do not actually give daily predictions, they do provide you with some insight to your pet’s needs and wants, helping you to understand your pet better and create a more beneficial relationship for both you and your pet.

At the following websites:,,, and, you can find monthly horoscopes for your pets along with cat and dog sun signs that are more specifically detailed, describing your pet’s complexities, likes, dislikes, and habits as determined by their astrological sign, along with links to other related information regarding astrology and pet association with psychic abilities.

At, you’ll find additional resources for cat and dog related horoscopes. is a large resource for astrological and horoscope related information pertaining to dogs. For a small fee, you can create a canine personality profile to give you a deeper insight of your dog and its behavior. offers complete astrological knowledge of your pets and a pet personality grid, along with fun quizzes and games.

Hopefully, after perusing some of these sites and the horoscope information therein, you’ll finally be able to figure why your pet tends to sleep all the time, or why their moods can change without warning. But most importantly, you’ll be able to better predict what will make your pet happy, something your loving animal will surely appreciate.

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