Does Submission to My Husband Make me a Traitor to the Women’s Liberation Movement?

When I was in my teens, Women’s Liberation was all the rage. Bra burning, marching in protest to the beat of chanting “Equal Pay Now!”, railing vociferously against the “Glass Ceiling”. All good and honorable causes. It was all about choice. I chose to go to college. I chose to explore the world journeying through as many countries as I could as a solo woman traveler. I chose.

That is the privilege of human beings, to choose, and I spent years trying to help make sure that women everywhere had those choices. I burned plenty of bras, marched until I had blisters, and fought for the right to drive a garbage truck in the middle of summer’s nauseating heat wave. Woohoo!

Many years later, in a supposedly more enlightened age, I made another choice: The choice to submit body, heart, mind and soul to a man. It wasn’t an easy decision, nor was it a decision that I made quickly. I considered every possible aspect. I considered this man’s trustworthiness, his capacity for true and honest interactions, even the fact that he didn’t need another mother and could darn well do his own laundry and knew how to run a vacuum cleaner. I wasn’t going to be his maid, well, unless we decided to roleplay “Maid and Duke of Earl”. And I certainly wasn’t going to be his patient, well unless we decided to roleplay “Dr. Demento and the Innocent Virgin”, but that is another story!

Apparently, and much to my amazement, I became “The Traitor” to many of my former friends. I had CHOSEN to give myself to a MAN! My inquiries of, “Hey! Wait a danged second here, isn’t Women’s Liberation ABOUT choice?” were met with smug faces and snorting sounds emanating from friends who had been friends of mine since junior high! A few of my female friends even went so far as to question my sanity!

I knew that I was more sane at that time than I had been during any other time in my life. This ‘mere’ man became my Master, my Husband and the Love of my Life. He nurtures me every single day, as do I, Him. We share life and loving and growing. I’ve never felt so empowered, so strong, as I do every day of my life with the man I CHOSE.

So, the answer is yes, a resounding YES! I am a traitor to “The Cause”, and loving it, every moment of every day. Hoorah for Women’s Liberation!

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