Donating Your Car in Atlanta, Georgia

Donating your car in Atlanta, Georgia can be a rewarding and quick way to give to your favorite local charity. Cars 4 Charities provides a convenient and safe way to donate your car to your favorite charity in Atlanta. Donations can quickly be made online without leaving your desk at or over the phone at 1-866-GIVE-4-US (1-866-448-3487). Proceeds from donating your car in Atlanta, GA can be given to Arc of Georgia, Canine Assistants Inc., CARE, Carter Center Inc., CDC Foundation, East Point Velodome Association, Habitat for Humanity, or International Rescue Committee of Decatur, Georgia all through one stop at Cars 4 Charities web site.

IRS charity numbers are provided through each charity’s web site and provide donators with the assurance that their donation is legitimate. All of the charities provided through Cars 4 Charities are well known and acknowledged by the IRS, providing a safe way to quickly donate your vehicle. Information about each charity is provided through links on the web site making your decision process about donating your vehicle all the more painless. To begin the process online click on “Donate your car today!” and be prepared to provide detailed information about the car you wish to donate. VIN number, mileage, make, model, number of doors, and the condition of the car are required and provide your charity with the proper information to begin processing your car donation. Cars 4 Charity offers free pick up making car donations in Atlanta a joy for the donator, as we all know Atlanta traffic is notorious.

Most car donation pick-ups in Atlanta, Georgia can be scheduled in a matter of a few days and the time is at the discretion of the donator. Be prepared with the title to the car, registration, and keys so that pick up can be a smooth process. Car donations are tax deductible and receipts from Cars 4 Charities provide a documentation of the monetary value of your car donation to use during tax preparation.

Kars 4 Kids is a nationwide program that is a great way to donate your car in Atlanta. Kars 4 Kids uses the proceeds from the donation of your car to provide developmental programs for at risk youth across the nation. After school programs, tutoring, and food are only a few of the ways Kars 4 Kids helps children who might otherwise be neglected. The donation process can be achieved through a quick visit to their website at or through a phone call to 877-Kars-4-Kids (877-527-7454). The same type of information needed at Cars 4 Charities is also needed at Kars 4 Kids to properly donate your vehicle. Kars 4 Kids prefers to pick up donated vehicles, which can be helpful depending upon the condition of the vehicle. If you have questions about whether your car is worthy of being donated contact Kars 4 Kids directly.

It is important to make sure you sign over the title to the vehicle you are donating to legal separate yourself from the vehicle. Failure to do so may legally link you to a car that you have not been in possession of for months. If you are missing the title to the vehicle you wish to donate contact Kars 4 Kids directly and they will help you work through the donation process. Car donations to Kars 4 Kids provides the maximum IRS tax deduction as well as a free hotel voucher, an added bonus that other charities do not provide.

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