Donating Your Car in Birmingham, Alabama

Donating your car in Birmingham, Alabama is a great way to clear your yard of any old clunkers that may be more rust than metal. Donating your car is a safe and efficient way to make a financial donation in Birmingham while receiving the maximum amount of money for your car without all the work and haggling traditionally associated with selling a car.

Birmingham, Alabama provides a myriad of organizations that are ready to accept the donation of almost anything on wheels, whether it runs or not. Outreach Center provides donators an easy avenue via the Internet to begin the vehicle donation process. A visit to provides a user-friendly method to quickly donate you vehicle. Donations can also be prepared over the telephone at 1-800-501-7474. Be prepared with information to help the customer service person handling your car donation. Gather information such as VIN number, make, model, year, mileage, and condition of the car ahead of time and the whole donation process can take you less than ten minutes online or on the phone.

Outreach Center will take any vehicle in any condition and turn it into proceeds for their organization. Donations are fully tax deductible turning any car in any condition into proceeds for you. Make sure you keep a receipt of your donation with your tax records and use it accordingly when you prepare your taxes. All vehicles can be picked up, which can be helpful if your car donation is not in prime condition. It is important to have the title to the vehicle being donated, the registration and the keys at the time of pick up. Most cars can be scheduled for pick up within 72 hours, giving you ample time to prepare. All proceeds from the car are used by Outreach Center to provide children with a hot meal program, schoolbooks, educational scholarships, and opportunities to attend summer camp. Who knew donating your old car in Birmingham, Alabama could lead to new opportunities for children all over America.

Kars 4 Kids is a nationwide car donation program with a local chapter in Birmingham, Alabama. Find their home page at, a user-friendly website that allows anyone to donate their car(s) to a legitimate and worthy cause. To begin the donation process, click on “Donate Now” and being filling in the required information about the vehicle you wish to donate. The same information is required that Outreach Center asks for. A myriad of vehicles including, cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, trailers, and boats are all acceptable donations in Birmingham. Proceeds form the sale of these vehicles provide after school programs, tutoring, mentoring, food and shelter for needy children.

As with most vehicle donations, pick up is the accepted manner of donating the vehicle and can usually be scheduled at your convenience in a matter of days. Be sure to have the title, registration and keys ready to turn over as well. If you are missing the title to the car contact Kars 4 Kids directly via e-mail or over the phone at 877-Kars-4-Kids (877-527-7454). Donation may still be possible even if some documentation is missing. Kars 4 Kids will provide you with the total IRS tax deduction available for your car as well as a free hotel voucher for an evening out!

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