Donkey Kong Country for the GBA

The GBA is a great portable system, and why not add the hits that powered the SNES to stardom? Donkey Kong Country is a game that everyone loves, and it really is a great game. There really are not bad parts about the game, and the graphics are superb. We relive the past and just make it better when Donkey Kong Country makes a return on the GBA. In Donkey Kong Country, DK is laying on Kong Island, until King K. Rool a menace after the Kong’s banana stash starts mayhem. DK and his pals must start there adventure to defeat K. Rool, and bring the land to peace along with there banana stash. The story line is very good, and the sound plays a big part in the game. Jumping and swinging is 75 % of this game, so what is not to love about that?

Rare has always been reputable for making great games with great gameplay. Donkey Kong Country is a good example. SNES was a 16 bit system, but this game was made in a 32 bit format. You can change from Donkey Kong to Diddy Kong with the touch of a button, as Donkey Kong is the slow but strong one, and Diddy is the fast but weaker one. The game is very similar to it’s SNES version, so don’t expect much in the way of different gameplay features, but it still is fun. GBA looked to convert the SNES games to there system because they thought it would bring a taste of the past back to the newer generation, and it did, so enjoying this game won’t be so hard.

The graphics are the same as the SNES version which is no surprise to most gamers now a days. Back then on the SNES the 32 bit format on a 16 bit system was special because people haven’t seen it before. Now you see 128 Bit gaming everywhere, so seeing a 32 bit game on the GBA is nothing special. Even though we have seen these graphics before, it is still pretty to look at over and over again, because Donkey Kong Country has that unique look to it, unlike Mario, etc. DKC is a great platform for gamers aged 6 to whatever. There is no age limit for playing this game. Rare who moved to Microsoft developed this game for the GBA, so nothing changed to upset anyone, which is also another good thing.

Sound… Depends on what you call good sound? The GBA has small speakers, but they are big enough to enjoy the music of any of the games on the system. With that being said, Donkey Kong still has the same old Kong to Kong ramble sound you know you love, so there is no disappointment there. The music in DKC is flawless, as I listen to the music on there soundtrack over and over again. The water theme puts a tear in my eye!

As with anything you spend your hard earned money on, you want a game that can be played over and over again. Donkey Kong Country has an 8 rating when it comes to replay value, because you can always find a new bonus, or just swing and jump from vine to vine. It never gets old with Donkey Kong. What frustrates me the most about this game is the “think too fast” method part of the game. When you are in a situation trying to jump vine to vine with a bee in the way, you find out there is another bee or two on the next vine, so you have to dodge both the first one and the next one. This is what Rare did to make this game difficult, and while it adds to the excitement it can get pretty frustrating. Replay Value is pretty high for DKC so you won’t have any problems enjoying the game over and over again.

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