Drinking Water Can Do Wonders for Your Health

Drinking eight glasses of water a day isn’t just an idle recommendation. It can help you replenish your mind and body. If it’s hard for you to guzzle your water, try breaking it into small amounts throughout the day at equal intervals. Another option is to keep a large water bottle with you and sip throughout the day. If you still find yourself shirking this responsibility, remember these reasons to drink up.

Water actually helps with digestion. If you have problems with heartburn or other digestive issues, try downing a glass of water with your meal to help. There is evidence, and plenty of old-fashioned belief, that water can aid in other health concerns.

If you find yourself with a urinary tract infection, for example, up your water intake everyday to four quarts to flush out the problem and begin to feel better. Drinking a pint of water at the onset of a cold or to alleviate heartburn can help.

Beyond health, some folks may want to try water for aesthetic reasons. Drinking water can help to strengthen brittle or layering nails. Drinking enough water everyday will make your nails harder and less likely to break. Another benefit is for your skin. Hydrated skin is less prone to acne and also can bring balance to skin that is too oil or too dry.

Some special situations require you to drink even more water as well. If you’re pregnant, you need even more water. Drink a minimum of 64 ounces a day but try for more. Water helps to keep your placenta healthy and helps your baby’s development.

Drink water everyday to help prevent medical problems instead of depending on them once you’re sick. While water cannot stop a visit to the doctor, especially if you need an antibiotic or other intervention, but it can help your body to stay healthy.

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