Drug Dealer – the Drinking Game

A fun game for large groups, normally 4 or more people are needed to play this game effectively, and the more players there are the more fun it will be. The setup for the game is simple get as many cards from a deck as there are players, 7 players then 7 cards for you mathematicians. Make sure there is one Ace and one King in the cards then shuffle and pass the cards out to the players.

Players can only look at their card and the person with the Ace is the Drug Dealer, their job is to wink at any player and be very sly about it, you only want one person to see the wink. Then that person says the Deal has been made, and then the cop must determine who the drug dealer is. The Dealer must be careful not to wink at the cop, but they don’t know who the cop is so that is the fun part.

If the dealer gets caught, by either winking at the cop or the cop witnesses the wink, or the cop purely guesses the right person, then the dealer drinks 5 drinks. If the cop guesses the wrong person as the dealer then they drink 5 drinks. Then the game continues until the dealer is caught by the cop, and each wrong guess constitutes 5 drinks. Players may help the dealer by bluffing like they saw the wink.

This is more fun with more people because the cop has a much harder time seeing the wink and it is more difficult to guess who the dealer is. They end up drinking a lot and everyone has fun and gets drunk.

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