Exploding Kidney Stones

Kidney stones, also known as calculi, are usually made up from calcium, uric acid, oxalate or phosphate. These are found accumulated in the urinary track and the kidneys. There are many likely causes for kidney stones including not drinking enough water to flush out the your system, consuming too much milk, cheese, and protein, and of course, that roll of the dice we call genetics.

It is estimated that 10% of the general population will suffer from this extremely painful condition. Men (1 out of 5 cases) are more apt to experience kidney stones than women and Caucasians are more likely to have them than Afro-Americans. There also seems to be an increase in the occurrences of kidney stone cases over the last 20 years.

There are many treatments for this painful condition. after the appropriate testing including 24 hour urine samples, blood test, provocative calcium loading tests, and stone analysis to determine the type of stone, and it’s possible underlying cause. The treatments range from very invasive, surgery to a less invasive treatments involving shock waves, a tub of water.This three hour long process is known as lithrotripsy – which means stone crushing, and even though the tub of water has been eliminated it still is somewhat invasive and expensive. There are other treatment including lasers, removing the stones through the urethra, and using air pressure.

When I first discovered I had kidney stones I was living in Mexico without any insurance and I found myself in extremely bad pain. It would come and go which is something that kidney stones will do. I thought maybe I had kidney stones but was not sure so off to the internet I went and after about 20 minutes of reading and then talking to an RN I was pretty sure, that yes, I did have the dreaded kidney stones. It hurt so bad I was about to drive across the border to a hospital and it hurt so bad I was afraid to try. I had read on the internet that eating a huge amount of watermelon with the seeds would help and that one should sit in a tub of water to ease the pain of passing said stones. Well the watermelon was do-able. The tub of water, are you kidding me, we didn’t even have running water upstairs and the only tub we had was the storage tub outside. I didn’t care, it hurt just that bad.

The watermelon must have done enough to get me through about a week and in the meantime I crossed the border and called chiropractor that had once helped me get rid of gallstones naturally and I figured he may have a natural treatment and he did.

He told me told me to buy a 6-8 oz can of asparagus and a 6-pack of Coca Cola. He made it very clear that it had to be Coca Cola Classic and regular not diet (sorry to any diabetics). He also told me I would need a blender and a timer would be helpful.

First blend the asparagus in a blender, set the timer for 20 minutes and drink down your asparagus ‘soup’. When the timer rings, reset the timer for 20 minutes, and drink the first Coke. When the timer rings, reset it for 20 minutes, and drink the next Coke. You may be catching a pattern about now and you are right continue until all the Cokes are gone.

I am not a big carbonated beverage fan so by about the third can I was getting abit overloaded, but I had faith in my doctor and finished off all six cans of Coke. I unfortunately did not get the timing right the first time and had to redo it. Just remember to set the timer at the BEGINNING of every round and finish the round before the timer rings.

If you want proof other than the relief from pain that you will experience then my doctor suggested urinating into a container through a piece of nylon (ie panty hose) and you will see the crystals of were once those very painful kidney stones.

I asked the doctor how it worked and he was honest and told me he really wasn’t sure. Asparagus is a natural diaretic and Coke will dissolve a nail and somehow this combination with this timing works. I was pain free for years and when I had a minor recurrence recently I got out the timer, the blender, bought some asparagus and Coke and I blew up some kidney stones and once again no more pain.

Give it a try. You may be able to avoid even a semi-invasive procedure and shock your doctor all at the same time.

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