Fall Foliage Tours: Looking at Autumn Leaves in Connecticut

The Northeastern United States is renowned for its beautiful fall foliage. Many states offer a variety of fall leaves color tours, and Connecticut is one of the most popular states. Whether you live in Connecticut, or whether you are visiting, a tour of the leaves is at once a relaxing and invigorating experience.

Cruises are becoming increasingly popular ways to look at fall foliage, and Connecticut offers plenty of these. Because the state is located on the Atlantic coast, it is possible to take sea cruises that allow a look at the shore (some of these will also allow a peek at other states’ shores as well). But Connecticut also has many lakes and rivers, and cruises on these waterways make excellent and relaxing ways to see the colors while someone else drives.

Going out on horse back is another possibility. This puts you right in the midst of the colorful explosion. Autumn is generally still warm enough to enjoy a horse back outing in relative comfort (be sure to dress appropriately, however), and there are plenty of companies that offer these tours. If you are feeling amorous, private rides by moonlight can also be arranged.

For a more unconventional view, take a ride in a hot air balloon. Connecticut boasts more than 20 hot air balloon companies, and one of them is sure to the fit the bill. You can get a bird’s eye view of the colors, and even work in a hotel deal. Many companies have partnerships with local bed and breakfast operations to give you discounts on lodging.

The popular Connecticut Wine Trail offers a chance for you to indulge your visual taste as well as your palate. There are many fine wines and wineries along the trail, as well as many other activities. There are even grape stomping contests held. The trail is well stocked with dining and lodging, and is ideal for driving or for biking, whichever you prefer.

Finally, get off the beaten path. Connecticut is crisscrossed by many back roads and rural byways. Bed and breakfast accommodations are common in the rural areas, and this lends further country charm to the already charming leaves. Additionally, these back roads are great places to purchase fresh produce from roadside stands. And local New England cuisine can be eaten at local diners.

No matter how you do it, a fall foliage tour of Connecticut can be a great experience, full of beauty and comfort.

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