Fall and Winter Fashion Trends

There’s nothing worse than getting caught in yesterday’s overdone styles. Want a jump start on the 2006 fall and winter fashions? Find out what’s hot and what’s not for the upcoming seasons!

For starters, it’s the simplistic and timeless bow that tops our comeback charts for 2006. Adorning handbags and shoes, evening gowns and blouses alike, bows of every size, shape, and color are turning heads and bringing a wistful, romantic feel to today’s fashions. Satin or velvetâÂ?¦ whatever your material, the new fall fashions are bedecked in bows and your wardrobe should at least include one or two items that offers this simple, yet fanciful, flair.

With fall around the corner and winter close behind, many people are expecting to have to dress to impress, as well as having to dress to keep out the chill. Many will be pleased to hear that they can expect the warm comfort of the layered look this winter. With the re-emergence of vests and bolero jackets, worn over sleek and stylish turtlenecks or the decadent luxury of soft and cuddly cashmere, this isn’t the same layered look you used to have when mother bundled you up in five layers of clothes and a snowmobile suit; these new layers look great and flatter the form.

Skirts worn over sleek black leggings are a popular look for 2006, adding a touch of youthful whimsy. The key to dressing in layers, however, is to keep things comfortable. You don’t want to feel stiff or bulky. You don’t want to look like you put on 50 pounds with those extra clothes. Instead, focus on materials that move with you and a look that flows. Take a charming sweater dress and add a lightweight billowing coat with the look. Let people see those legs, slipping them into a pair of flattering black leggings and drawing attention to length with a mini-skirt. Keep it easy and have fun!

This brings us to the next cozy comeback to make its appearance in 2006 – the knit. It doesn’t matter if you prefer wool or cashmereâÂ?¦ Cardigans, mock turtlenecks, sweater dresses – all are expected to regain popularity in 2006 winter lines. Mix it up! Different styles and texture, different gauged stitches. Don’t be afraid of that homemade look; not only is it cuddly and cozy but it creates a charm all its own – the more personable, the better. For the best of both worlds, combine your knits in with your layered look or, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not give your wardrobe a Celtic twist?

Bright reds, brilliant blues, and woodsy greens, browns, and grays are interwoven with traditional plaid patterns this winter, and hitting the runways with Scottish style. The twist? These proud plaids may be comprised of traditional patterns, centuries old, but they are being worn in ways that are definitely 2006! Designed to turn any Scotsman’s head, long dirndl skirts, sweater dresses, woolen coats and poncho capes of plaid are making a bright and beautiful statement for this winter’s fashion. With a look that suits any adventurous soul, regardless of ancestry, everyone should have at least one plaid piece in their wardrobe for the ultimate in fun fashion.

And who can resist the charm of the beautiful moonlight? Fashion designers have made note of the mysterious moon and this year’s reflect this as well as any peaceful pool would reflect Luna’s bright image on her surface. From the richest of blacks, the smoky grays, and the glitter and glint of silver and bright moon-drenched whites, winter evening wear celebrates the beauty of the moon in all her phases for 2006. If it’s inspired by the moon, rest assured that you’re on the right track – whether it’s a sleek, floor length shimmering gown of white or a stylish pantsuit of black, shot through with silver threads, you’ll be strutting along like you were on your own personal catwalk.

2006 fall and winter fashions are bright, loud, and fun. Whether you’re going for the layered look or you want the more romantic feel of the Scottish Highlands, there is something for everyone in this year’s fashion trends. Get out there, experiment, and have some fun with it!

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