Fallout 2 Review

Black Isle Studios has done it again! Fallout 2, the sequel to the post apocalyptic Fallout, is a welcome return to the Fallout world.

Fallout 2 takes place 80 years after the original game. You are the grandchild of the original “vault dweller.” The village your grandfather founded is now running out of food and they send you on a quest for the “Holy 13” to retrieve a “G.E.C.K.”

Gameplay in Fallout 2 is basically the same as the original. The same graphics, same weapons with some slight changes, basically it’s a very close game to Fallout. This means you can be a good guy or a bad guy; do basically whatever your twisted little heart desires.

This game is chock full of Easter Eggs which hearken back to other Post Apocalyptic RPGs, and plenty of Easter Eggs related to other things.

There are many NPC’s in Fallout 2. Not all NPC’s are people this time either, such as the 3 dogs, a Super Mutant, a Deathclaw and a Robot.

With a lengthened story and a ton of mini quests, Fallout 2 gives you ample time to build and appreciate your character in the wastelands. Gameplay is so flexible to the gamer. Your character can be almost anything you would like him or her to be. With the large host of different perks, traits, skills and items, no two campaigns across the desert will ever be the same.

Fallout 2 does fall short in the graphics department. With basic, highly pixelated, 2-dimensional graphics and sprites, this game surely will not win the hearts of some of the more video intensive gamers. It can get a little annoying with the fact that all buildings are only shown one floor at a time, and there is a load time lag between different scenes of any particular map. This is obviously a software flaw, as it’s consistent on all machines, ranging from my most current PC to the original machines I’ve played the game on.

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