Family Guy is Outrageously Funny

Seth MacFarlene started Family Guy back in 1999. He gave his previously created characters of Peter Griffin and talking dog, Brian Griffin major roles. His newest and best character would come in the form of ornery and damn-near scary baby, Stewie Griffin. Just when you thought other popular Fox TV shows like The Simpsons pushed the bar, with these major characters Seth MacFarlene himself almost reset the standard for cartoon humor.

Jokes were louder, and even more savage. The Family Guy humor was like watching an episode of the Looney Toons written and directed entirely by Quentin Tarantino. Without warning, almost any character can be killed in the worst way at any time. Look out Kenny of South Park, we’ve got a show here that can is daring and offensive enough to give us the running character of a child-molesting old geezer in love with the oldest Griffin boy, Chris and kill the daughter, Meg in a fowl manner in a single episode. Then of course there is the colorful character of Quagmire, a sex fiend with the catch phrase, “Giggidy, giggidy”.

Meg pretends to be a lesbian for some form of popularity, and draws the attention of curious and horny brother, Chris, and the preverted Quagmire in “Brian Sings & Swings”. Watch for Stewie taking on his rival, Bertram as he tackles him in the insides of his father at microscopic size, and later, battles him on a playground using other babies for pawns in episodes entitled: “Sibling Rivalry” and “Emission Impossible”. Look for “Fish Out of Water” for the fish catching joke to beat all fish catching jokes. Nothing Peter does in this show is funnier than when he writes his own romance novel in “Peterotica”.

Until he realized the half-hour long show, MacFarlene wanted to make the Family Guy characters star in running short on Mad TV. Some of the Mad TV cast followed MacFarlene to his T V success. Among the voice actors on the show is Mad TV alum, Debra Wilson, Nicole Sullivan, Phil LaMarr, and Alex Borstein.

What makes Family Guy what it is are the ingeniously thought-out and perfectly timed jokes. Some of those imaginary send-ups of The Breakfast Club, and Ronald McDonald’s household are funny enough to keep you laughing for days.

Family Guy
has become a pop-culture phenomenon in the vein of The Simpsons and South Park. It’s outrageous and wild jokes push the limits of what we consider morally sound for TV. It can make South Park‘s raunchiest jokes seem tame. Yet, at it’s core is a tale of a family no less heart-warming than the sweetest of Simpsons episode.

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