Feeding Schedule for Twins Babies

If you have twins then you know that trying to get them on any type of schedule is going to be a very difficult task to accomplish. This is why it is important to set up a schedule that they will help you get through each day. This article will help you to set up a weekly schedule and tell you how to stick to it.

The first thing that you need to do is create a chart. Since you have twins you will need to create two charts. Your charts should include a separate column for each day of the week. You will also need the following additional columns, a time column, meal fed column, snacks and a time meal finished column. Once you have finished creating your charts, it is time to begin planning out your meals for the week. Since infants need to be fed more than three times a day you will need to plan at least up to six feedings a day for each of them.

This should include their milk, and snacks. Keep in mind that one may have a larger appetite than the other one so try to avoid forcing them to eat the exact same amount. Remember just because they are twins does not mean that they are the same in every way. It is also possible that they both will not like the same foods. Since babies between the ages of six and twelve months are just beginning to try new flavors and variety’s of food, the both may have different likes and dislikes.

If you are planning to make their food from scratch then it may be a good idea, to prepare everything at least a week in advance. This will save you a lot of time and will keep them from getting cranky. If however, you prefer to buy the pre-made baby food then you will not have to worry. You should make sure that you put down on the chart exactly who ate what and be sure to indicate the exact time they started and finished.

When creating your schedule the key is to try and space your meals at least three to four hours apart. Most babies will need to eat every four hours, even after they reach twelve months. When dealing with twins it is very important that you get both of them on the same feeding schedule. You will want to try and avoid feeding one first and then feeding the other. If you do not put them both on the same time schedule you will spend your entire day feeding babies.

One they finally reach the stage of self feeding your job will become a lot easier. Just make sure that whatever you feed them is chopped up into small pieces so they will not choke on anything. You should also keep in mind that babies grow at different paces. So if one is able to self feed the other one may not yet be ready. But this is definitely nothing to worry about. Eventually they will both be able to feed themselves; the thing you need to keep track of is how much they each are eating. The chart will help you to make sure that you are not giving one child the same meal over and over again. With twins if you do not write down what each one was fed it is very easy to forget. If someone else will be caring for your children then make sure they stick to the schedule, and write down everything they are fed. Remember when trying to get your little ones on a feeding schedule it is important to start early, and stick with it. Obviously you will get to the point when you are tired, but it is still important to stick to your schedule no matter what.

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