Feria Haircolor vs Excellence Haircolor

Many times in the past I’ve tried to go blonde with little success. I tried medium and light ash blonde when I had light brown hair but you could hardly tell I was trying to go lighter. I had decided to try L’Oreal’s Feria brand of hair color. It says on the box that it can take the darkest hair and lighten it with only one application. Feria ranges from $7-10 dollars depending on where you buy it. Once you get the box home, it’s pretty basic with gloves, instructions and the tubes you mix together to create the hair color. If it’s your first time color, you will have to do the all over coloring procedure. It requires you to first only color an inch away from your scalp and wait for 20 minutes. Then after you have to do your roots and wait again. The problem with Feria is I didn’t have enough to cover all my hair which left some of my roots still showing. The smell isn’t overly powerful.

The result: Brassy hair. My hair was lighten, no doubt there but the coloring didn’t look right. It looked cheap and the color didn’t color the same all over. I’d recommend staying away if you’re looking for a light ash color blonde.

Excellence Blonde Supreme did just what it said it would. It lightened my light brown hair and covered up the bad dye job of the Feria product. Excellence even gives you a pre color serum that you apply before coloring. It helps to protect your hair while you color. The price was around the same. Both are made by the same company but I’d recommend the Blonde Supreme collection.

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