Finding a Good Pediatrician in Huntington, NY

Choosing a pediatrician can be a confusing and time consuming. Parents want what is best for their children, especially when it comes to their health and well-being. So many factors must be taken into consideration when deciding on a pediatrician; office hours, insurance accepted, competence, likability (children must be comfortable for a successful doctor visit), and many others. If you happen to be trying to find a pediatrician in Huntington, NY, I have the perfect one.

The name of this team of pediatricians is Cohen, Caravella, Meltzer, and Birnbaum. Having dealt extensively with each of these wonderful doctors, I can honestly atest to their professionalism, kindness, thoroughness , and approachability.

Dr. Cohen is the senior doctor on staff. He is cheerful, fun, and full of experience. He wears dozens of little toys on his stethescope and often a funny hat. Children love him. His wisdom is especially comforting to new parents. When our second child was born and we saw Dr. Cohen for the anxiety provoking one week check-up he took our little son in his big hands and said “I am going to explain this baby to you inch by inch.” And he did just that. Not a rushed, ‘I need to get to the next patient’ quick overview, but a solid twenty minutes of every detail we needed to know about our new bundle of joy. A truly wonderful doctor.

Dr. Caravella is the second most seasoned of the staff. He is funny, personable, and extremely knowledgeable. Dr. Caravella will explain every aspect of every test result or diagnosis down to the most minute clinical detail. At times this may seem like an unneccessary amount of information, but when my 4 year old was diagnosed with mononucleousis 8 DAYS before my scheduled c-section with my second baby, I was exceedingly grateful for those minute details. When did he contract it? Was he contagious? Could he go to daycare? Could he be around his new baby brother? Dr. Caravella provided the answers to all of my panicked question with a clinical exactness that I truly appreciated.

Speaking of my pre-schooler’s mono brings me to Dr. Birnbaum. She is my favorite on the staff simply because of her kindness and approachability, but she, in fact was the doctor who diagnosed the mono, which, according to Dr.Caravella was a testament to her capabilities. Apparently diagnosing mono in little children is difficult and she went out on a limb to order the test. I was very appreciative of her thoroughness, but mostly I love her for her understanding as a mother herself and willingness to answer any question and concern no matter how small.

Finally, Dr. Meltzer, again, a true professional. Both of my boys have seen her on numerous occassions and she is always very knowledgeable, friendly, and warm.

Here are other great qualities of this doctor’s office: The staff is patient and understanding. The waiting room is carpeted, comfortable, and bright with toys and a chalkboard. There are two sides for patients; one side for well care and one for sick visits, as to not spread germs to the non-sick patients. They take walk-ins all day long and will stay past 5 if they need to for working parents. They have Saturday hours, and sometimes even Sunday hours. They work with an afterhours clinic called PM Pediatrics if your child needs to be seen when they are closed.

The list goes on and on. If you are looking for quality pediatrics in Huntington, NY, look for further than Cohen, Caravella, Meltzer, and Birnbaum.

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