Five Fun Birthday Party Games for Kids

Remember the fun and excitement of birthday party games? Playing games and winning prizes is often one of the fondest memories of childhood. Everyone loves the heart pounding excitement and the anticipation of possibly winning a special prize. Birthday party memories last a lifetime, and a kid’s birthday party isn’t much of a party without games and prizes.

Your child’s birthday party can be extra special by planning a few fun activities and games. Keep in mind that games and activities don’t have to be costly to be fun. Many games for birthday parties can be put together with a few everyday items, some tasty treats, and a little ingenuity.

Always plan more party games than the kids will have time to play. Depending on the group of kids, some games will be more popular than others. Having several party games planned ahead of time will enable you to easily switch to a new game if one doesn’t seem to be going over so well.

Go over game ideas with your child to find out if they sound like winners. Games that adults might consider fun won’t necessarily be a fun to the kids. Your child might even think of fun and interesting twists to games you’ve already come up with.

Candy Toss

We teach our kids not to play with their food, but this is one game that allows kids to do just that. A candy toss game conveniently serves double duty. The candy is used to play the game, and it can later be placed in goodie bags for party guests to take home.

For this fun game you will need five or six plastic bowls of various sizes, individually wrapped pieces of candy, and a strip of masking tape. Make a line by putting a piece of masking tape on the floor. Place the largest bowl at the front of the line, and complete the line with the smallest bowl. Have the children line up and take turns tossing pieces of wrapped candy into the bowls beginning with the closest one. Award one point for every piece of candy that successfully makes it into a bowl. It’s not necessary to end a child’s turn because they miss. Allow them to try tossing a piece of candy into the next furthest bowl. Although points are awarded, birthday party games should never have losers. Everyone should be awarded a couple of points for effort. After the game is over, award each child a prize.

Clothespin Game

This classic birthday party game has been a hit at children’s birthday parties for many years. The game is played by having each child take a turn at trying to drop a clothespin into a narrow bottle.

To play the clothespin game, all you need is a tall glass jar such as an olive jar or a narrow-rimmed jelly jar, some straight wooden clothespins, and a strip of masking tape. Make a line by placing a strip of masking tape on the floor. One by one, have each child step up to the line and attempt to drop the clothespin into the jar. When a child is successful, he or she gets a small prize. When a child misses, have that child go to the end of the line until he or she makes it. Be sure to award a prize to each child.

Balloon Darts

Kids love blowing up balloons and releasing them. This is a fun game target game that uses balloons instead of darts. Since balloons are a choking hazard for young children, this game should only be played by those old enough to understand the danger.

For this fun party game you’ll need a paper or cardboard target, masking tape, and various colors of deflated balloons. Tape the target to a wall, and give a different colored balloon to each party attendant. Make a line on the floor with a strip of masking tape approximately 10 feet away from the target. One at a time, each child should stand with their toes on the line while they blow up their balloon. Have them aim the balloon toward the target while they release it. The owner of the balloon landing closest to the target is the winner of the game. Give everyone the same participation prize.

Musical Circle

This is a fun party game that is a spinoff of musical chairs. It’s much safer than musical chairs because no chairs are involved, and there is no physical contact between the players.

All you need for this game is your child’s favorite party music and an open area in which to play. Have the children stand in a circle, and start the party music. As the music plays, have the kids follow each other around and around. Have the group turn around and follow each other in the other direction. When the music turns off, each child should immediately sit down. Whoever sits down last is the next person to run the game. The last child left is declared the winner. Award each child a prize for participation.

Funny Spoon Game

Kids will love this fun party game of skill and chance. This party game involves using spoons of varying sizes to carry an orange across the room. The orange can’t be touched after placing it on the spoon. If the player makes it successfully across the room, he or she attempts to drop the orange into a bucket.

For this game you’ll need a grab bag, an orange, masking tape, and spoons of various sizes. Make sure all the spoons are different. For instance you can choose a teaspoon, a small measuring spoon, a ladle, a wooden spoon, and a serving spoon. Make sure there is a different spoon for every party attendant.

Begin by putting a strip of masking tape on the floor to make a line. Place a bucket across the room. Place the spoons in the grab bag, and mix them up. Have each player reach into the grab bag and pull out a spoon. This is the spoon they will use to carry the orange across the room. The object of the game is to successfully make it across the room without touching the orange and dropping it into the bucket. Provide a prize for each child.


No one likes to lose, especially at a birthday party. Parties are supposed to be happy and fun. Be sure to give the same set of prizes to each child. Giving everyone the same set of prizes ensures that no one will go home feeling like a loser. Kids don’t have to be awarded grand prizes in order to have a good time.

Choose prizes such as candy that is appropriate for the age group, small inexpensive toys, or coloring materials. Inexpensive items such as colorful erasers or fancy pencils are also good options. Make up a goodie bag for each child by filling small inexpensive gift bags. Each child will feel like they’ve received a special gift. Best of all, you will provide them with another special childhood memory that will last a lifetime.

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