Foreplay Tips for Guys that Will Rock Her World

Relationships are great. It’s possible to find someone you like and spend as much time as you like with them. If you find the right person, you might eventually settle down and get married. Another perk of being in a relationship is the sex. Sex is a great way to connect with your loved one and bring your relationship to that intimate level that makes things more intense and passionate. However, if you are not doing it right you might scare away your partner. The act of sex is one thing, but most people try to get right into it and skip a very important step. That step is foreplay.

Foreplay is something that can heighten any sexual experience, especially is it’s done right. The first thing you need to know is that foreplay doesn’t always have to involve the erotic parts of the body. The privates can become even more aroused if they are left alone while other parts of the body are explored. For guys, try kissing and blowing around your girl’s head and neck. Many women have sensitive nerve endings near their ears, and especially on their neck. Take your fingers and run them gently up and down her neck taking the time to blow gently into her ears. Try to look into the eyes of your girl, because when she knows that you are into her and are working to satisfy her, the sexual experience will be surely heightened.

If you are feeling a little frisky, move down the body and focus on the woman’s shoulders and arms. Some nice massage oil (I recommend KY’s 2-in-1 warming oil and personal lubricant) can be a great catalyst for great sex later on. Gently massage your woman’s shoulders and arms, rubbing slowly up and down in a rhythmic motion. Take your fingers and run them softly over the curves in and around her shoulder blades. That will be sure to send shivers down her spine. Some gentle kisses on the chest in between the breasts will make her notice the nerve endings in that area that has more than likely been avoided. The avoidance of the breasts will make the woman want to be touched even more. A little tease can be good once in a while.

Skip past the privates and try to give your woman a nice deep massage of the legs and calves. She normally wouldn’t think to be touched here, so this unexpected attention will make her aware of more sensitive spots on her body. Make sure you find out if she’s ticklish before you try anything with her feet. You wouldn’t want to take a kick in the face, and some girls are can be turned off by feet touching.
The more you avoid the traditional foreplay spots, the more the woman is going to learn about other sensual spots on her body. The avoidance of sexual contact or intercourse for a few minutes will make her want it more and you will be sure to have great sex if you follow this advice. Most people forget that foreplay is one of the best ways to get things started, so next time you feel like trying to spice things up in the bedroom, try these tips. You won’t be disappointed.

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